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The solutions work out as: x = 52/11, y = 101/11 and x = -2, y = -11

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I suggest you solve the first equation for "y", then replace that in the second equation.

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Q: What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 3x -y equals 5 and 2x2 plus y2 equals 129?
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What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 2s plus 3x equals 31 and 3s plus 4x equals 44?

Through a process of elimination and substitution the solutions are s = 8 and x = 5

What type of system is 3x plus 2y equals 7 and -4x-3y equals 10?

They are simultaneous equations and their solutions are x = 41 and y = -58

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of x squared plus y squared equals 20 and 2y minus x equals 0?

The solutions are: x = 4, y = 2 and x = -4, y = -2

What is the system of equations set in order pairs 3x plus 4y equals 38 5x - 5y equals -30?

Simultaneous equations.

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 2x plus y equals 5 and x squared -y squared equals 3?

If: 2x+y = 5 and x2-y2 = 3 Then the solutions work out as: (2, 1) and ( 14/3, -13/3)

What are the solutions to -x squared plus 2x plus 4 and x-2?

These are two expressions, not equations. Expressions do not have solutions, only equations do. NB equations include the equals sign.

How many solutions do these equations have x equals y plus 1 y equals x plus 1?


What is the simultaneous equation for 2x plus 5y equals 20?

Another straight line equation is needed such that both simultaneous equations will intersect at one point.

How many solutions do the following equations have in common 8y equals -75x - 22 and 75x equals -8y plus 22?

I notice that the ratio of the y-coefficient to the x-coefficient is the same in both equations. I think that's enough to tell me that their graphs are parallel. So they don't intersect, and viewed as a pair of simultaneous equations, they have no solution.

What is the solution of the system of equations 3x plus 6y and ndash2 15x plus 30y and ndash10?

Without any equality signs the given expressions can't be considered to be simultaneous equations and so therefore no solutions are possible.

How any solutions are there to the equations below 12x plus 6 equals 5x?

Just one.

How many solutions does the following system have x plus y equals 3 and 2x plus y equals 5?

It has 2 solutions and they are x = 2 and y = 1 which are applicable to both equations