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A football field is 5531.21 square yards.

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Q: How many sq yards in a football field?
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How many acres in a Canadian football field?

A Canadian Football field is 65 yards wide by 150 yards long. Thus, a Canadian Football field is 9750 sq yards or 87,750 sq feet which equals 2.01 acres.

How many football fields are in one acre?

An acre equals 4840 square yards. The dimensions of a football field (not including both the goal areas) is 100 yards by 53 yards, or 5300 square yards. So, if you divide 5300 sq yards by 4840 sq yards (an acre), one notes that ~1.1 acres fit into a football field.

Should a football field be measured in square miles or square yards?

Sq yds!

If Total fencing around a square field is 80 yards the field has an area of how many sq yards?

A=400 s=20

How many sq. inches on a football playing field?

120 yrds long by 53-1/3 yards wide... comes out to be 8,294,400 in^2

What is the area of a football ground?

120 yards by 50 yards or 6000 sq. yards

How many sq yards are in 1200 sq feet?

400 sq yards.

What is the area of the football field goal line to goal line?

In yards: 100 yards x 53.33 yards = 5333 sq yd In feet: 300 feet x 160 feet = 48000 sq ft In acres = 1.10 acres

How many sq yards in one sq mile?

1 sq mile = 3,097,600 sq yards.

How many yards in 600 sq ft?

66.67 Sq. Yards.

How many square yards is 1200 sq ft?

133.3 sq yards

How many sq yards in 726 sq feet?

80.67 square yards.

How many square yards in 376 sq feet?

Divide the sq feet by 9 to get sq yards. The math works out to be 41.78 sq yards.

How many square yards in one sq kilometer?

1 sq km = 1,195,990 sq yards

100 sq ft is how many yards?

100 sq. ft = 11.11111 sq. yards.

How many sq feet in 3 sq yards?

3 sq yards = 9*3 = 27 sq ft.

How many sq feet are there in 170 sq yards?

170 sq yards = 170*9 = 1530 sq ft

How many yards are in 2550 sq ft?

You cannot convert sq ft into yards, you must convert sq ft into sq yards. There are 9 sq feet in 1 sq yard so there are 283.33 sq yards in 2550 sq ft.

How many yards are in 220sq feet?

220 sq. ft = 24.4444 sq. yards.

How many sq yards for 1 acre?

1 acre = 4840 sq yards

How many square feet are in a field 120 yard x 80 yards?

86,400 Sq. Ft.

How many sq metres in 9 sq yards?

According to the internet, 9 sq yards is equal to 7.52515 sq metres.

How many square meters to 444 sq yards?

444 sq yards = 371.2 sq metres (approx).

How many sq meters is 100 sq yards?

100 square yards = 83.613 sq metres (approx).

How many yards there are in one room 129 sq feet?

129 sq. feet = 14.33 sq. yards