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Q: If Total fencing around a square field is 80 yards the field has an area of how many sq yards?
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If Total fencing around a square field is 80yrds the field has an area of how many sq yards?

Perimeter of square is 80 so side is 20 so area is 400

If the total fencing around a square field is 80 yard. the field has an area of how many square yards?

Total perimeter is 80 yards. As it is a square, divide the 80 by 4 (as there are 4 sides of equal length). Then multiply: 80 ÷ 4 = 20, 20 x 20 = 400 square yards is the area of the field.

A square cow field has sides of 10m how much fencing neeeded to go around it?

The perimeter of a square is four times the length of one side. If each side is 10m, 40m of fencing would be required to enclose a pasture, less whatever is required for the gate.

The length of the field is 24 meters the width is 10 meters how much wooden fencing does farmer dom need to purchase to go around his field?


Bob is enclosing a rectangular field with fencing The field is 120 feet long and 50 feet wide How much fencing does he need?

The perimeter of the rectangular field is 2*(L+W) = 2*(120+50) = 2*170 = 340 feet

How many acres is a lacrosse field?

An acre is 43560 square feet. A lacrosse field is 60 yards by 110 yards. The total square footage of a lacrosse field is 59400. 59400/43560= 1.36 acres.

How much fencing would be required to fence a square field with an area of 118 sq meters and 81 sq decimeters?

So you are looking to find the perimeter of the square. Since the area of the square is 118.81 m2, then the perimeter is 4(√(118.81 m2) = 43.6 m.

Which of the following is true about the electric field around an electric charge?

The electric field around an electric charge varies inversely as the square of the distance to the charge.

How much fencing do you need on a 25 acre field 6 feet apart?


What events did Panama compete in the 2008 Olympics?

Panama will be competing in Swimming, Fencing, and Track and Field Track and Field - Long Jump - Irving Saladino Track and Field - 100m Dash - Alonso Edward Fencing - Yesika Jimenez Swimming - Christie Bodden Swimming - Edgar Crespo.

Which 4 sports have been in every olympic games?

Fencing Track & Field Gymnastics Swimming

Square footage of a baseball field?

The square footage of a baseball field is 4,569ft2

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