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To find the answer, change the feet to inches.

6 x 12 + 7 = 79 inches

3 feet = 3 x 12 = 36 inches.

Multiply them: 79 x 36 = 2844 square inches.

Now, convert the inches to feet and inches.

2844 divided by 12 equals 237 square feet.

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Q: How many square feet in 6 ft 7 in x3 ft?
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How many square yards of carpet for 496 square feet?

one yard = 3 ft 1 sq yard = 3 x3 = 9 sq ft 496/9 = 55 sq yards

How many square meter in a 7feet by 3 feet room?

21 square feet (7'x3') = 1.95 square meters.

16 foot by 18f oot how many square yard?

A yard is 3', so a square yard is 3'x3' which equals 9sq ft. To calculate square yard from feet you multiply length in feet by width in feet and then divide by 9. So 16'x18'/9=32sq yds.

How many gallons are in the summer escape pool that is 120x72 and 3 ft deep?

120x72=8640 square feet x3 feet deep 8640x3= 25920 cubic feet there are 7.481 gallons in a cubic foot 25,920x7.481= 193,907.52 gallons

How many 20 by 20 can you get out of 140 square-feet?

You can get 50 with 3/8"x3/8" remaining.

How many cubic feet in 12 cubic yard?

Do the math...1 yd=3 ft. So, 3'x3'x3'=27 cu ft (or 1 cu yd). 27 cu ft x 12 cu yd=324 cu ft!

How many cubic yds of gravel to fill a ditch one ft deep one ft wide 135 ft long?

There are 3 feet to a yard, so there are 9 (3 x 3) square feet to a square yard, and 27 (3 x 3 x3 ) cubic feet to a cubic yard. The ditch measures 1 x 1 x 135 = 135 cubic feet, so that is 135/27 cubic yards = 5 cubic yards.

What is the square footage of a 3x3 meter space?

a metre is 39.4 inches or 3.283 ft, 3.283 ft x3 and squared is 97 sq ft

Can two rectangles have the same square units and different perimeters?

Yes, for example a 4'x6' and 8'x3' rectangle have the same square units because 4'x6'=24 square feet and 8'x3'=24 square feet, while the perimeter of the 4'x6' rectangle is 20' the perimeter of the 8'x3' rectangle is 22'

What is 3meters x3 meters in feet?

Three meters is equivalent to 9.84 feet or 9 feet 10.1 inches.

19.5 foot x3 foot in meters?

19.5 feet x 3 feet = 5.4 square meters.

How many square yards do you need to cover 10 ft 6 in x 14 ft 3 in?

10'.5"x14'.3"=150.15sf /9sf=16.68sy 3'x3'=9sf=1sy