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Yes, for example a 4'x6' and 8'x3' rectangle have the same square units because 4'x6'=24 square feet and 8'x3'=24 square feet, while the perimeter of the 4'x6' rectangle is 20' the perimeter of the 8'x3' rectangle is 22'

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2010-12-02 00:39:31
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Q: Can two rectangles have the same square units and different perimeters?
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What are three different rectangles that have an area of 12 square units?

Thee different rectangles with an area of 12 square units are 3 by 4, 2 by 6 and 1 by 12.

What are the lengths of the sides of 3 rectangles with perimeters of 14 units?

2 by 6 1 by 6

What is the area and perimeter of a large square if two congruent rectangles are arranged so they from a square with each perimeter of rectangles is 36 inches?

area = 144 square units perimeter = 48 units

What are the lengths of the sides of 3 rectangles with perimeters of 12 units?

The following rectangles all have perimeters of 12: 1 by 5 1.2 by 4.8 1.4 by 4.6 1.6 by 4.4 1.8 by 4.2 2 by 4 2.3 by 3.7 2.5 by 3.5 2.8 by 3.2 3 by 3 There are an infinite number more.

How do you draw a rectangle that has a perimeter of 8 units and an area of 4 square units?

Squares are rectangles. Draw a 2 unit square.

The ratio of the perimeters of two similar squares is 5 to 4. If the area of the smaller square is 32 Square Units what is the area of the larger square?


How do you take the area of rectangles?

Area of a rectangle in square units = length*width

How many rectangles can be formed from an area of 54 square units?

Infinitely many.

How many different rectangles with an area of 12 square units can be formed using unit squares?

3 or 6, depending on whether rectangles rotated through 90 degrees are counted as different. The rectangles are 1x12, 2x6 3x4 and their rotated versions: 4x3, 6x2 and 12x1.

What are the lengths of the sides of three rectangles with perimeters of 12 units using only whole numbers?

1 x 5 2 x 4 3 x 3

What units is the answer always written in for a perimeter problem?

perimeters will always be length so we have units of lenght such as mm, inch, feet etc. NOT area, so no square feet or square yards etc.

What are two shapes whose perimeters are the same length?

A right angled triangle with sides 3,4 and 5 units and a square with each side = 3 units.

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