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even though its carnality is 0 one of its properties says that the only subset of the null set is the empty set

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Carnality refers to sexual desires and I would be greatly surprised if the null set had any of those!

The number of subsets of a set whose cardinality is C(S) is 2C(S).

The cardinality of the null set is, as the answer was trying to say, 0. So the number of its subsets is 2C(S) = 20 = 1.

A null set has one subset - which is also a null set.

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Q: How many subsets are in a Null set?
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How many subsets can be made from a set of six elements including the null set and the set itself?


What is the number of subsets possible for the set in number 27?

A set with 27 members has 2^27 = 134217728 subsets - including itself and the null set.

Does every set have a subset?

Yes. One of the subsets is the set itself. The other is the null set.

What are the subsets of number 8?

The number 8 is not a set and so cannot have any subsets. The set consisting of the number 8 is a set and, since it has only one element in it, it has two subsets: itself and the null set.

What Is partitioning in math?

Partitioning is dividing a set of things into subsets such that the union of all the subsets is the original set and the intersection of any two subsets is the null set. That is, between them, the subsets account for the whole of the original set and there are no elements in more than one subset.

Is a nullset a proper subsets?

The null set is a proper subset of any non-empty set.

Does all sets have subsets?

Yes all sets have subsets.Even the null set.

Does every set have a proper subset?

No. The null set cannot have a proper subset. For any other set, the null set will be a proper subset. There will also be other proper subsets.

What is the power set?

The power set of a set, S, is the set containing all subsets of S - including S, itself, and the null set.

How many subsets does set a have if the set a has three elements?

8 subsets

Is empty set or null set is a subset of every set?

Yes,empty set or void set or null set is a subset of every set.In order to know the number of subsets of any set, first of all count the number of elements in the set and take the number of elements as the exponent of 2, then you will get the number of subsets of any set.

What is power sets in mathematics?

If tiu have a set S, its power set is the set of all subsets of S (including the null set and itself).

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