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It is not known where the symbols in the Egyptian system were - probably in the minds of their mathematicians.

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Q: How many symbols where there in the Egyptian decimal system?
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How many symbols do the decimal numbering system use?

The decimal number system uses 10 different symbols to represent a number. The 10 different symbols are 0 to 9. It is a base 10 system unlike binary which is base 2 ( 0 and 1).

How many symbols were in Egyptian writing?

Egyptian writing was called hiroglyphs. It first had 700 symbols then rose to 6,000 symbols.

How many symbols were in Egyptian hieroglyphic?

There were 700 symbols and rose to 6,000 symbols.

How many symbols did the decimal system of Ancient Egypt have?

Ancient Egyptians did not have the concept of decimals; they did not even have the concept of zero.

Where were Egyptian symbols first deciphered?

Egyptian symbols were being deciphered by many people by studying the Rosetta Stone. Thomas Young and other scholars worked to decipher the symbols. Jean Francois Champollion is credited as the first person to read Egyptian symbols by studying the works of Young and the Rosetta Stone.

How many different symbols are used in the hexadecimal system?

There are 16 symbols.

How many hieroglphics are there in Egyptian art?

There are only about 700 different symbols that were commonly used, but the total number of symbols used is unknown.

What was the ancient Egyptian writing called that includes many symbols that are like pictures?

Hieroglyphics .

How many letters were used in the ancient Egyptian alphabet?

Ancient Egyptian used a set of 24 symbols called "unilaterals" that represented consonants, but it also used thousands of other symbols for whole words.

How many symbols would it take to write 47 in Egyptian?

11 symbols. 4 arch like symbols, and 7 tally marks arranged like this llll lll

How many Egyptian hieroglypic alphabets were there?

There was only one Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet: The set of symbols representing single consonants can be thought of as a rudimentary alphabet.

What is the name of the ancient Egyptian symbol?

Ancient Egyptians had many symbols. Did you mean their system of writing? That's called hieroglyphics. Did you mean the cross with a loop in the top? That's called an ankh.

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