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Q: How many vertice s on a cube?
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Related questions

How many vertice does cube has?

Eight vertices.

How many vertice s are in a cube?

A vertex is a point. There are 8 vertices in a cube. 6 sides in a cube. This can be easily seen from looking at a standard 6 sided die (dice).

How many distinct triangles can be constructed by connecting three different vertice's of a cube?


Does a cube have points?

A cube has 8 points, but the mathematical name for a point is a 'vertice'

What is the shape that has 12 edge 6 faces and 8 vertice?

It is a cube or a cuboid

How many faces edges vertice do a cube have?

A prism with an n-sided base will have 2n vertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges.

How many vertice's does a heptagon have?

A heptagon has seven vertices (not vertice's!)

How many edges in vertice pyramid?

I regret that it is impossible to answer this question since there is no such object as a vertice pyramid.

How many vertice's does a oblique have?


How many vertice's does a parallelogram have?


How many vertice a triangle has?


Who many vertice does a nonagon have?


How many vertice does a dome have?


How many vertice does a cuboid has?


What shape has 6 face's and 8 vertice's and 12 edges?

a cube * * * * * or the more general shape: a parallelopiped.

What is the point where rays of an angle meet called?

a vertex or vertice(s)!

How many vertice does a cone shape have?


How many edges faces and vertice in cone have?

Well it has one edge, one face, one base(the face that the shape sits on), and one vertice.

How many sides does a polygon with n vertice have?


How many sides will a shape 5 vertice have?


How many vertices has a match box?

how many vertice has match box

How many vertices a match box has?

how many vertice has match box

How many vertices on a cone?

The cone has only one vertice. It is the only three dimensional shape that has this characteristic. All others have more than one vertice.

What is a verticess in geometry?

A vertice is the point on a three dimensional shape where three or more edges meet. Imagine a cube, the vertice would be more easily called the "corner". With more complex shapes, this different definition was needed, so from a pyramid to a dodecahedron, where three or more sides com together to make a "corner" it is known as a vertice. This is especially important when you consider that shapes are defined by their number of sides and their number of vertices.

How many vertice do the four sided dice have?

twenty three