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There are 19 ways to do this.

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153 ways

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Q: How many ways can 18 baseball cards be passed out to 2 students?
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For every 5 baseball cards that Mickey has Mike has 3 baseball cards. If Mike has 72 baseball cards how many baseball cards does Mickey have?

45 cards

How many baseball cards are there?

There are about 996.58 billion baseball cards in the U.S

If i have 84 baseball cards but 3times as many as my friend how many baseball cards does my friend have?


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If there are 60 trading cards and each student gets 5 cards how many students get cards?


Joe has 16 more baseball cards than football cards He also noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards as football cards How many football cards does he have?

This works out fairly simply, He has 8 football cards and 24 baseball cards.

If you have 152 cards and some are baseball and some are soccer and you have 22 more soccer how many soccer cards do you have?

You will have 66 baseball cards and 86 soccer cards.

What if you had 80 baseball and half as many basketball as football cards and 20 more hockey cards than basketball cards and half as many football cards as baseball how many hockey cards would i have?

You start backwards, you know you have 80 baseball so that makes 40 football. 20 basketball, and 40 hockey.

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Bob has three times as many baseball cards as bill together they have a total of 68 cards how many cards does bob have?


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How many baseball championships have the cards won?

How many world series have the St. Louis Cards won

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Thirty Lakhs

Bob has three times as many baseball cards as Bill. Together they have a total of 68 cards. How many cards does Bob have?

Bob has 51 cards; Bill has 17.

N class of 100 students 50 students passed in Mathematics and 70 passed in English 5 students failed in both Mathematics and English How many students passed in both the subjects?

Using set theory let A contain the students who failed mathematics (50) and B contain the students that failed English (30). Now set A and B intersect so they share the same students (5). Therefore the students who passed both subjects is the complement of the union of the sets. ~(AUB)=~(A+B-AintersectB)=100-(50+30-5)=25 students.

If tony had 18 fewer baseball cards he would have half as many as he has now. how many cards does he have now?


John Has 16 more baseball cards than football cards He aslo noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards than football cards How many baseball card does he have?

What are you, a sixth grade text book? Next thing you know, you be walking me through it with confusing illustrations and explaining how the property of equality is used to simplify the equation. By the way, John has 24 baseball cards.

How many cards are there in a complete set of 1993 fleer baseball cards?

The 1993 Fleer baseball card set consist of 720 cards. Series 1 set cards 1-360, and series 2 set cards 361-720.

How many Bill Mooneyham baseball cards are there?

beats me

Where is the best place for students to apply for credit cards with no credit history?

There are many companies that cater to students with no credit history. One of the largest companies is Chase but store credit cards are also good to start.

Marlon has 4 baseball cards Jake has 4 baseball cards and Sam has 3 baseball cards Can you write a multiplication sentence to find how many baseball cards they have altogether Explain?

M= Marlon J=Jake S= Sam4x4+3MxJ+3=Total

If 6 students in a class failed algebra representing 16 two thirds percent of the class how many students passed the course?


Bob has three times as many baseball cards as Bill Together they have a total of sixty eight cards How many cards does Bob have?

51. Bob has 3/4 of 68.

Michael had 60 baseball cardsHe gave one-third of themThen he brought 10 moreHow many cards did Michael have then?

50 cards 50 baseball cards!!!get it right,lol!

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