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The answer is 4,960.

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Q: How many combinations of 3 students can a teacher choose from 32 students?
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How many combinations of 4 students can a teacher choose from 30 students?

The answer is 30C4 = 30*29*28*27/(4*3*2*1) = 27,405

How many ways can a teacher choose 2 students from a group of 4 students?


If there are 12 students and a teacher can only choose 5 how many different ways can the teacher choose 5 students?

The teacher can choose 5 students out of 12 in 792 different ways using combinations. This calculation is based on the formula for combinations: C(n, k) = n! / [k! * (n - k)!], where n is the total number of students (12) and k is the number of students the teacher wants to choose (5).

How many combinations of 4 person committees can be formed in a class of 20 students?

There are 4845 ways to choose 4 people out of 20 20 choose 4 = 20! / (4!16!)

A school has 825 students and 55 teachers. How many students are there per teacher?

There are: 825/55 = 15 students per teacher

Why should't students choose their own teachers?

because if the teacher dont give theam work at al or yourst sit their and do her nails tha is why

What are the duties of a music teacher?

A music teacher provides a solid foundation for future musicians and prepares a music based curriculum. They conduct the students in songs, choose songs that are played, and teaches students about the instrument that the student chooses to play. They do many more things in addition to all of these things.

How many combinations of 4 students can you get from a 5 person swimming team?

Any combination of 5 students leaves one student out. Since there are 5 possible students to leave out, the number of combinations of all but one student is 5.

Why do students escape from their classes?

· There are many reasons as to why students are escaping classes: 1. They have a very strict teacher and they have not completed the work assigned by the teacher 2. The teacher teaching them is dull and the students become disinterested in the subjects.

If there are 5 different pizza toppings and you choose 2 how many combinations will you have?


A class trip consists of 84 students and 6 teachers how many students per teacher are there?

84 students and six teachers.Students per teacher = (number of students) / (number of teachers)= 84 / 6= 14

Can a teacher of a NYS regents course proctor their own regents students?

my teacher did but there was many teachers there