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Q: How many ways can 8 people stand in line to limbo?
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How many ways can 7 people stand in a line?


How many ways can 6 people stand in line?

There are n! (n factorial) ways that n people can stand in line. So six people can stand in line in: 1*2*3*4*5*6 = 720 different ways

How many different ways can 6 people stand in line?


How many chapters are there in Limbo?

Limbo by Bernard Wolfe has 25 chapters.

How many ways can 5 people stand in a strait line if Jessie is always third?

Not sure what a strait line is! Five people can stand in a straight line, with Jessie third in 24 ways if you ignore left-to-right and right-to-left "reflections".

Will I have to stand in line long at the DMV to take my drives test?

It usually depends on how many people are there.

How many different ways can four people stand in one line?

If the people are always facing forward? 24 ways.

How many pages does Last Day in Limbo have?

Last Day in Limbo has 256 pages.

How many different ways can 3 people line up?

Assuming you mean the order in which they stand in a line, this is simple combination of three from three, and there are six possible combinations:ABCACBBACBCACABCBA

How many ways can 4 stand in line?


How many different ways can 7 people stand in line for movie tickets?

There are 7 people who could stand first, with 6 people who could stand second for each of those first people, with 5 people who could stand third for each of those first two people, and so on, until with 1 person left who could stand seventh for each of the first six people. This gives 7 × 6 × 5 × ... × 1 = 5040 ways.

How many people can stand in the 'yard'?

1,000 people.