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I think you mean 6 inches thick, not 6 feet thick. You would need 200 cubic feet, or 7.4 cubic yards.

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Q: How many yards of gravel would cover 400 sq ft at 6 thick?
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How much area does 2 yards of gravel cover?

It would depend on how thick you want to spread it.

How much gravel do you need to cover 300 square feet 4 inches thick?

You will need about 3.7 cubic yards (around 4.75 tons) of gravel.

How much gravel needed to cover driveway 150ft by 10ft and one inch thick?

You would need about 5 cubic yards. Gravel is usually sold by the ton. I do not know that conversion. Who ever would deliver it for you should be able to help. If I were using crushed concrete I would use 15 tons... but I can not spread it 1" thick either.

If a truck holds 20 yards gravel how many truck loads will take to cover 7000 sq feet at 6 inches thick?


How much gravel is needed to cover 7.2 cubic yards?

The answer will depend on the depth to which the gravel is to be spread.

How many yards to cover 428 sq feet at 3' thick?

47.55 cubic yards . 4" would be 5.23 cubic yards.

How much gravel do you need to cover a 10 x 70 area 5 inches deep with gravel?

You would need about 13 cu yards or about 15 tons.

How much gravel do you need to cover 252 sq ft?

The amount of gravel needed to cover 252 square feet depends on how thick (that is, deep) you want the gravel. If you want the gravel to be 3 inches thick... Convert the measurement to the same units. We'll use feet. 3 inches = 1/4 foot Multiply the thickness times the area to get volume in cubic measure. 1/4 feet x 252 feet = 63 cubic feet Gravel in the US is usually sold by the cubic yard, which is 27 cubic feet Thus, 63/27 = 2 1/3 cubic yards 2 1/3 cubic yards of gravel will cover 252 square feet of area to a dept of 3 inches.

528 feet long 10 feet wide 4inches thick how much gravel?

You will need about 65.185 cubic yards (83.6 tons) of gravel for this area.

How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 20ft x 20 ft x 4 inches thick?

20 feet x 20 ft x .3333 ft = 133.33 cubic feet / 27 cubic feet per yard = 4.94 cubic yards

How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 16 ' X 14' area 4 inches thick?

8.25 cubic yards of concrete

How much gravel do you need to cover 10ft wide by 400ft long at 2in deep?

Approximately 24.7 cubic yards or 31.7 tons of gravel.