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8.25 cubic yards of concrete

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Q: How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 16 ' X 14' area 4 inches thick?
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How many sq ft does a yard of concrete cover concrete cover?

1 cubic yard covers 324 square feet per inch of thickness, divide 324 by thickness in inches to get coverage, i.e. 4 inches thick would cover 324/4=81 square feet, 36 inches thick would cover (you guessed it) 9 square feet.

How many yards of concrete will cover 20x20?

Depends on how thick it is. At 4 inches thick, you would nee about 5.5 cubic yards adjusting for safety. At 6 inches, you'd need about 8 cubic yards. You can play with different thicknesses with the linked concrete pad calculator.

What area will 1 ton of crushed concrete cover?

It depends on the thickness and the density. One ton should be about 15 cubic feet when compacted, so it would cover 30 square feet 6 inches thick or 45 square feet 4 inches thick or 60 square feet 3 inches thick. It would make a driveway four inches thick, 9 feet wide and 5 feet long or a footpath 3 inches thick, three feet wide and 20 feet long.

How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 10' x 16' 4 inches thick?

(10x16)/3 =53.3 cu ft 53.3/27=2 cu yards

How much concrete would it take for a 40'x50' five inches thick?

30.81 cubic yards

How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 20ft x 20 ft x 4 inches thick?

20 feet x 20 ft x .3333 ft = 133.33 cubic feet / 27 cubic feet per yard = 4.94 cubic yards

How many yards of concret would i need to cover a 20ft 2 inches by 5ft 3 inches?

That depends on how DEEP you want the concrete !

How many yards of concrete would it take in 408square feet?

151/9 cubic yards for every 12 inches thick

How much concrete would it take to cover a 16x36x2inch deep area?

An 80lb bag of concrete you can at your local home improvement store covers about 4 square foot at 2" thick. So you would need about 144 bags of 80lb concrete.

How big is a 8 cubic feet slab of concrete 3 inches thick?

If you made a sidewalk about 2.5' wide it would be about 13' long.

How many bales of straw does it take to cover 2000 square feet as a ground cover a few inches thick.?

I would guess about 70-80 bales

How much concrete would it take to cover an area thirty feet by thirty feet by six inches deep?

about 17 yards of concrete (it's sold by the cubic yard)