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3100 x 5/12 = 1292 cubic feet

Since one yard = 27 cu ft, you need about

1292/27 = 48 yards

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Q: How many yards of topsoil is needed for 3100sq ft x 5 inches deep?
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How many cubic yards in an acre 20 yards deep?

You already have a square yard of topsoil, so how does 20 inches of depth get you the volume of topsoil? There are 36 inches in a yard, and you have 20 inches of topsoil depth that's 20/36ths of a yard of topsoil depth. That's 0.555... or about 0.56 yards. The volume of topsoil is 1 yard by 1 yard by 0.56 yards, or about 0.56 cubic yards of topsoil.

700 square yards of topsoil 4 inches thick if topsoil is sold in cubic yards how many cy do you need?

Slightly less than 26 cu. yards.

How many yards of topsoil to cover 855 sq feet at 6 inches deep?

15.833... [cubic] yards.

How many yards of topsoil do you need for 427 square feet x 3inch?

526.9 sq yards of topsoil needed if you meant 3 inches thick then think of it as 3 layers of 427 sq ft divide that by 3 to get ur yardage because there are 3 feet in a yard and multiply that by three to get the total of your three layers. x= (427/3)*3 x= (142.3)*3 x= 526.9 sq yards

How many cubic yard of topsoil are needed for garden that measures 45 feet long and 30 feet wide if the topsoil you to be 6 inches deep?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet6 inches = 1/2 footVolume = (45-ft x 30-ft x 1/2-ft) = 675 cubic feet = 25 cubic yards.

How many yards of concrete is needed for 361 square yards 4 inches deep?

40.1 cubic yards

How many yards of topsoil to cover 650 sq feet?

Almost exactly 2.00 cubic yards for every inch of topsoil depth.

How many yards of topsoil is needed for 3100 sq ft X 2 deep?

For 2 feet deep, you need 230 cu. yds (3100 x 2) / (27) For 2 inches deep, you need 19 cu yds

How many yards of topsoil do you need to cover an area 8' x 12' x 3 deep?

if that is 3 ft deep it would require 96 yards... IF it is 3 inches deep it would require 24 cubic yards

How do you calculate the amount of topsoil that is needed to cover 2400 sq ft of dirt with 2 inches of topsoilas measured in yards... I would guess they mean cubic yards?

A cubic yard of stone that is 4" thick would cover 9 square yards or 81 square feet. If you need to cover 7000 sq. ft., you would need roughly 86.5 cubic yards. That's a lot of rock.

How much sand is needed to cover 18 ft x18 ft at 2 inches deep?

18 ft * 18 ft * 2 inches = 6 yards * 6 yards * 2/36 yards = 2 cubic yards.

How many yards of topsoil to cover 7550 sq ft?

Insufficient information.You need to know the depth of topsoil you want to cover those 7550 sq ft.By "yards" I assume you mean cubic yards -- a volume measurement.