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It can enclose any area between zero and 795 square yards.

If the field is 49.9999 yards long and 0.0001 yard wide, then the perimeter is 100 yards
and the area is 0.0049999 square yard.

The greatest possible enclosed area with a given amount of fence and straight sides is a square. With 100 yards
of fence, the square that's 25 yards on a side encloses 625 square yards of land.

The greatest possible enclosed area with a given amount of fence and any shape is a circle. With 100 yards of fence,
the circle with a circumference of 100 yards has a diameter of 31.83 yards, and encloses an area of 795.77 square yards. (the number is rounded)

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Q: How much area does 100 yards of fence enclose?
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How much fencing would I need to enclose my square yard that is 65 yards on a side?

260 yards

Sue is trying to buy a fence for her vegetable garden Her garden is square shaped and has an area of 100 sq ft How much fencing should she buy to enclose the garden?

its simple all needs 10,000 ft to enclose her garden

How much fence is needed for 20 yds by 15 yds?

If you are calculating a rectangular yard with two sides each of 20 yards and two shorter sides each of 15 yards the total length of fence required would be 20 yards + 20 yards + 15 yards + 15 yards which = 70 yards of fence.

What is the difference between a perimetre and area?

Perimeter = the distance around the edge of the field; how much fence it takes to enclose the field. Area = how much land-surface the field covers, i.e. how many corn-stalks can be planted on it. ================================= Perimeter: the distance around the edge of the floor in the room. Area: how much carpet it takes to cover the floor.

How much fence would you need for a rectangular shaped yard measuring 20 yards by 15 yards?

70 yds. (must factor in gates)

How much cardboard in 15 cubic yards?

The minimum amount of cardboard required to enclose a volume of 15 cubic yards is 29.41 sq yards. That is for a spherical shape - perhaps not the most practical shape! A cardboard cube will require 36.49 sq yards. There is no maximum amount since you could increase the area without limit while reducing the height.

Mr. Anders want to put a fence around his backyard. His backyard is rectangular. The lengths of the sides are 75 yards 45 yards 75 yards and 45 yards. How much fencing will Mr Anders need?

240 yards

If square garden has a side of 22 feet how much fence is needed to enclose the garden?

88 feet? unless you add a Gate? 3 foot or 4 foot Which would require 85 or 84 feet of fence

How much is 120 square yards is in yards?

Square yards is a measure of area. Yards is a measure of distance. They don't translate.

How much yards of sand covers a 60 feet by 40 feet area?

yards is a unit of length, not of area.

How much fencing should you buy to fence a yard that measures 20 yards by 15 yards?

The perimeter of a rectangle measuring 20 yards by 15 yards is 2*20 + 2*15 = 40 + 30 = 70 yards.

Do you need to know area or perimeter for building a fence around a pool?

yes ,becaus you need to know how much fence you need

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