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"Square feet" aren't things that are used to cover area.

"35 square feet" is an amount of area that you have to cover with something.

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Q: How much area will 35 square feet cover?
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How much cement will you need to cover 180 square feet?

How much cement is needed to cover 192 square feet of area

How much area does 10 square feet cover?

10 sqare feet is an area so it covers 10 square feet.

How much area can be covered by 24 sq ft?

You can cover an area of 24 square feet with 24 square feet.

How much turf to cover a 13 feet by 18 feet garden?

You will need 234 square feet of turf to cover that area.

How much area will a 2000 sq ft blanket cover?

A 2,000 square foot blanket will cover an area of approximately 2,000 square feet.

How much area does a bundle of architectural shingles cover?

33 square feet

How much paint could cover 8 feet tall and 10 feet long?

The area is 80 square feet

Have 12 12x 12 inch squares how much area will they cover?

12 square feet

How much area does 54 acres cover?

54 acres covers about 0.084 square miles or 2,352,240 square feet.

How much does 10 square feet cover?

Exactly 10 square feet!

How much area will cover a 40x40 square feet?

The question isn't worded right because you don't have "40x40 square feet." If you are asking how many square feet are in 40 feet x 40 feet, that would be 1600 square feet.

How much square feet does 38 square feet cover?

38 square feet covers almost exactly 38 square feet.

How much fill dirt is needed to cover 250 square feet?

The answer will depend on the depth to which the area is covered.

How much area does one yard of sand cover?

Approximately... 100 square feet = 3" deep 200 sqare feet = 2" deep 300 square feet = 1" deep

How many square feet does one yard of cement cover?

It depends on the thickness of slab. A yard of cement contains 9 cubic feet. Thus, it would cover 9 square feet if the slab was 1 foot thick. For a 4 inch thick slab, it would cover 3 times as much area, or 27 square feet.

You are laying an asphalt driveway. How much surface area must you cover if the driveway is 19 feet long and 10.5 feet wide?

199.5 square feet

How much of an area will one cubic yard of three quarter rock cover at a depth of 2 inches?

If it is the same as concrete it will cover 162 square feet. concrete covers 81 square feet by 4" deep

How much will 144 square feet cover?

it will cover a 12x12 room

How much are does 19 square of shingles cover?

100 square feet per square, so 1900 square feet.

How much wood would it take to cover 64 square feet?

64 square feet.

How much carpet can 7.2 mllion square feet cover?

7.2 million square feet.

How much area does a pallette of sod cover?

The average pallette of sod we use covers 540 square feet.

How many square feet of shingles needed to cover 1957 square feet?

1957 sq feet of shingles will cover 1957 sq feet lol? retard much?

How much is in a square of shingles?

Enough to cover 100 square feet.

If 15 pounds of fertilizer will cover 1500 square feet of lawn how much fertilizer is needed to cover 2500 square feet?


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