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tell me the grade

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Q: How much cement for 1 cube concrete at 5 to 1?
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How much cement do you need for a yard of concrete?

1 cubic yd of a concrete mixture contains about 500 hundred lbs of cement

How much Cement content in 1 cubic meter concrete?


For 1metet cube of brick work how much cement is required?

For 1 meter cube of brick work, you would need approximately 13 bags of cement.

How much cement required 1 cubic meter of m20 grade concrete?

8.22 bag's cement required

How much cement sand and stone do you need for 1 cubic meter of concrete?

How much cement sand and stone do you need for 1 cubic meter of concre

What is meant by 1 meter cube of concrete?

A metre cube of concrete is a volume of concrete which is equivalent to the volume of a cube each of whose sides are 1 metre long.

How much is the ratio of cement and sand to make concrete?

The ratio of sand and cement affects the tensile strength of the concrete. Hence, a ratio of 1:2 (cement to sand) will yield a greater tensile strength than a 1:3 ratio. However, both are acceptable in the formation of concrete.

How much sand rock and cement is needed to mix 1 yard of concrete?

19,000lbs of rock. 1340 sand. 338 cement.

How much aggregate are used in 1bag of cement?

Approximately 5bags of cement are in 1 cu.m concrete ratio 1:3:6 with 20mm aggregate, water-cement ratio 0.5.

How many cement bags per 1 cubic meter of concrete?

7 cement bags per 1 cubic meter of concrete......

How much sand and aggregate required 1 cubic meter of plain concrete cement?


How much sand and gravel do you need to make 1 cubic meter of concrete?

FOR 1cubic meter of concrete block ,firstly we must know the mix ratio but if e.g we have the ratio of 1:2:4 , 1 is cement 2 is sand 4 is aggregate than we need these quantities for 1 meter cube 0.22 cubic meter cement which is 6.28 cement bags 0.44 cubic meter sand and 0.88 cubic meter aggregates

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