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Not enough information. Are you referring to a Cessna, a B-747, a fighter plane, an An-224?

American Military Aircraft C-17 Globemaster and the answer is 30,000lbs.

All depending on the payload -- source load master for 25 years.

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Q: How much fuel does a plane use to take off c17'global master?
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How much does plane fuel cost?

The fuel for single eninge planes costs around $5 a gallon.

How much does it cost to fill a plane?

Jet A fuel is roughly at 7.99 a gallon so your looking at about $457,707.15. That's to fuel up a 747 by the way. It depends on the plane

How many miles can a plane go in an hour?

That can depend on the type of plane and the age of the plane, plus how much gas is left in the fuel tank.

How far can a 406 Cessna bush plane travel on one tank of fuel?

how much fuel does a 406 Cessna take

How much fuel can a plane hold?

75868 gals. becaues they have big gas tank

How many minutes can airplanes fly for?

it depends on how much fuel they have in them and the type of plane you are talking about

How much does it cost to fuel a plane?

It depends entirely on the aircraft, type of fuel, how much fuel and where you are in the world. For instance, to fill a Cessna 172 in Canada or US would cost about as much as filling an average minivan, - a 747 would be a bit more - -

How much fuel is needed to fly a plane from Toronto to Orlando?

It depends entirely on the type of aircraft and how it is flown.

How much fuel was left in Charles Lindbergh plane upon landing in Paris?


How much fuel can a fighter plane carry?

it depends on the aircraft. this question is very vague, but the F-16 for instance can hold a few thousand pounds of fuel.

How much does a passenger plane weigh?

Depends on the plane, from the biggest (Airbus A380) 276,800kg to a smaller plane (Boeing 737) 38,147kg, however this is only the empty weight you also have to factor in passengers, fuel and luggage.

How much fuel does a Boeing 737 800 consume?

There is no "answer" to this question. The amount of fuel needed to keep an airplane flying depends on many, many things. The weight of the plane and everything on the plane is one factor. The more the plane weighs, the more thrust is needed from the engines to keep it flying, which means more fuel must be used to produce that extra thrust. Now consider, that a 737 can carry up to can carry 7,000 gallons of fuel (and it weighs something like 6 lbs. per gallon). That means the amount of fuel being burned changes (decreases) as the fuel is burned off (i.e. a plane will burn less fuel at the end of a flight than at the beginning). Aircraft need to burn more fuel they are climbing or turning to provide the thrust to make those maneuvers. At low altitudes, more fuel is needed or else the engines won't work correctly. At higher altitudes, the engines do not need nearly as much fuel. If there is a crosswind, the plane has to fight against the wind to stay on course and extra fuel thrust (which means more fuel) is needed. If the plane is flying during the day and the air conditioning system will have to be used and it consumes extra engine power which leads to extra fuel being used. The following numbers are not exact but they give you an idea of how complicated this problem can be: Plane #1: Uses 1,500 gallons of fuel for a 2 hour flight. (750 gallons per hour) Plane #2: Uses 2,000 gallons of fuel for a 5 hour flight. (500 gallons per hour) Plane #3: Uses 5,000 gallons of fuel for a 7 hour flight. (714 gallons per hour) Here is another way to think about it: Plane #1: Has 20% of its maximum fuel. It can travel 100 miles. Plane #2: Has 40% of its maximum fuel. It can travel 350 miles. Plane #3: Has 60% of its maximum fuel. It can travel 500 miles. Plane #4: Has 80% of its maximum fuel. It can travel 600 miles. Plane #5: Has 100% of its maximum fuel. It can travel 650 miles.