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Find the 2 numbers whose difference is two and whose sum is 480.

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Q: How much is 1 score?
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If a gross of sweets is 144 how much is score?

1 score = 20. It doesn't matter what 1 gross is.

How much is a 1949 Yankee Score Card worth?

1 dollar

How much would a auto loan be with a credit score of 658?

it will be $1 please

What was the score in Fiorentina-PSV?

The score was 1-1.

How much does a score has?

A score as a number is 20

How long is a score in terms of years?

1 score = 20 years 1 score = 20 years

How can you do for losing points in the score of game maker?

As you increase score by adding 1 relative to your previous score, you subtract score by adding -1 relative to your previous score.

How many hours are there in 1 score?

There are 20 hours in 1 score

What is an op1 score?

1 score = 20

How much is score?

A score is another word for 20.

How much is in a score?

A score is another word for 20.

How much is 4 score?

A score is 20, so 4 score would be 80.

How many units equal 1 score?

1 score = 20 units

How many decades are there in 1 score?

1 decade has 10 years and 1 score has 20 years, therefor there are 2 decades in a score.

1 score is equal to how many years?

1 year and 8 months is equal to 1 score. You can also write it as 1.75 years or 1 and 3/4 years. 1 score is equal to 20 months.

What is 2 score?

2 score is 40 because 1 score is 20

How much in one score?

A score is another word for 20.

How much is four score in years?

years in 4 score

Score for an ace in golf?

Score for an ace is 1.

How much is a score?

20 is a score. Hence the traditional life-span of 3 score and 10 is seventy.

In the Bible how much is six score?

not sure about the bible, but a score=20, therefore six score=120

How much would you score on your SAT test essay if you didnt focus on your openion?

Most likely a 1

How much is 3 score?

Sixty years. One score is twenty years.

How much money did The Score gross worldwide?

The Score grossed $113,542,091 worldwide.

OP score to become a Vet?

you need a score of 1-8