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$.80 plus 3 fourths

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Q: How much money is one half of a dolllar plus 3 fourths plus 3 tenths of a dollar?
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How much money is 3 fourths of a dollar?

75 cents

How much money is half of a dollar plus five tenths of a dollar?


How much money is five tenths of a dollar?

Fifty cents

If you have 5 tenths of a dollar how much money would you have?

50 cents

How much money is 3 tenths of 3 dollars and 50 cents?

One dollar and five cents.

How do you sign up for the million dolllar money drop?

go on the website and go on contact us

If you have 5 tenths of a dollar how much money do you have?

To answer this question we first need to write it down as an equation. Five tenths can be written as 5/10. This fraction works out to the decimal 0.5. The next step is to know that "of" means "multiplied by." For example, 4 groups of 7 is 4x7. Finally, the dollar should be written down as 100cents to make this easier. This makes the sum 0.5x100, which equals 50. Thus 5 tenths of a dollar is 50 cents.

How much money is three fifths plus five tenths?

It depends on what unit of currency the fractions refer to. 3/5 of a dollar is 60 cents. 5/10 of a dollar is 50 cents. 60 + 50 = $1.10

How much money is baking soda?

My mom says its a dolllar and my dad says its 30 cents so idk... somewhere in that range. :D

How much money is 3 tenths of a dollar?


How much money is 1over2 of a dollar plus 3over4 of a dollar plus 3over10 of a dollar?

The software here does not like the diagonal slash between the parts of a fraction. 1 over 2 is a half dollar- 50 cents. 3 over 4 is three fourths- 75 cents. 3 over 10 is 3o cents. So 50 plus 75 plus 30 is your answer.

What is the value of play money?

1 dollar in real money equals 1 dollar in play money

How much is 1 dollar in UK money?

How much 1crore is us dollar

How much money is a 1872 silver dollar coin?

do you know how much money a silver 1872 dollar coin is and a 1922 silver dollar coin

What is the meaning of 'dollar-for-dollar basis'?

value for money.

One dollar equall how much Indian money?

one dollar equall how much japenes money?

How much does one US dollar equal to Chinese money?

how much money chiness to one dollar

What is the duration of Million Dollar Money Drop?

The duration of Million Dollar Money Drop is 3600.0 seconds.

What is seven tenths in money?

$70 would be 7/10 of $100.

What does 0.9mean?

9 tenths. Think of it in terms of money (90 cents)

What is a unit of money in 6 letters?

i legit had to do this for school I looked it up I found this I am dum

What is the cayman islands money called?

the Cayman Islands money is called the CI Dollar(cayman islands dollar).

When was Million Dollar Money Drop created?

Million Dollar Money Drop was created on 2010-12-20.

When did Million Dollar Money Drop end?

Million Dollar Money Drop ended on 2011-02-01.

What do austrailan call there money?

A Dollar