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75 cents

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Q: How much money is 3 fourths of a dollar?
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How much money is one half of a dolllar plus 3 fourths plus 3 tenths of a dollar?

$.80 plus 3 fourths

How much is 1 half of a dollar plus 3 fourths of a dollar plus 3 tenths of a dollar?


How much is one half of a dollar plus three fourths of a dollar plus 3 tenths of a dollar?


What is 3 fourths of 1 dollar?


How much money is 3 hundredths of a dollar?


How much money is 1over2 of a dollar plus 3over4 of a dollar plus 3over10 of a dollar?

The software here does not like the diagonal slash between the parts of a fraction. 1 over 2 is a half dollar- 50 cents. 3 over 4 is three fourths- 75 cents. 3 over 10 is 3o cents. So 50 plus 75 plus 30 is your answer.

How do you make 3 fourths?

three-fourths or 3/4 is 1-1/4 or in words, one minus one fourth equals three-fourths, think in terms of a dollar, one dollar is 4 quarters, minus one quarter leaves you with three-quarters.

What is three fourths equal to as a decimal?

.75 is how much 3 fourths equals to

How much money will you have if you had 3 five dollar notes 2 ten dollar notes 1 fifty dollar notes?


How much is 65 divided by three fourths?

65 divided by three fourths = 260/3 or 862/3

How much money do Americans spend on sleep products?

3 billion dollar

Is one third more than three fourths?

No. I/3 of a dollar is a little more than 33 cents but 3/4 of a dollar is 75 cents.