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60 cents and 1 4th

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Q: How much money is three fourth of sixteen nickels?
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What is seventeen minus three fourths?

Sixteen and one fourth

What is three fifths divided by one tenths?

sixteen and two fourth

How many nickels are in three dollars?

there are 60 nickels in three dollars

What is sixteen times three-fourth?

It is: 16 times 3/4 = 12

What is sixteen and three hundreds as decimal?

sixteen and three hundreds = 316 sixteen and three hundredths = 16.03

What is three fifths of 10 nickels?

6 nickels

How much money will you have if you have a half dollar three quarters eight dimes six nickels and nine pennies?


How many nickels make 3.48 dollars?

69 nickels and three pennies

How do you write in words form 3.016?

Three and sixteen thousandths.

How is 16.23 written in word form?

Sixteen and twenty-three hundredths. Most of us would say sixteen point twenty-three.

What number is three fourths of sixteen?

three fourths of sixteen is twelve.3/4 of 16 is 12

Is three hundred sixteen hundredths the same as 0.316?

0.316 is the same as three hundred sixteen hundredths

What percent of a dollar is three nickels?

15 %

How do you make 55 cents using 5 nickels and dimes?

5 nickels and three dimes

Jane has some nickels dimes and quarters which total 1.90 She has twice as many quarters as dimes she has three times as many quarters as nickels how many quarters does she have?

Peggy had three times as many quarters as nickels. She had $1.60 in all. How many nickels and how many quarters did she have?

What is three fourth of 20?

three fourth (or three quarters) of 20 = 15

Sam and Sue have only nickels and dimes Sue has 35 cents sam has same number of dimes as sue has nickels and has half as many nickels as sue has dimes how many nickels does sue have?

Sue has three nickels.

How many nickels in three thousand dollars?

A nickel is 5 cents so $1 = 20 nickels. $3000 is 3000*20 = 60,000 nickels

What is the probability tossing 3 nickels?

Depends on how many nickels you have. If you have less than three nickels the probability is zero. If not, 100% (should you decide to throw them).

What is three twevles of sixteen?


What is three-eighths of sixteen?


What Manuel has some nickels and dimes in his piggy bank 26 coins altogether the number of nickels is 2 fewer than three times the number of dimes how much money does he have in his piggy bank?

He has 165 cents.

What is one-fourth of three?

One fourth of three is three quarters (3/4).

What is a fourth of 12?

three is a fourth of 12

What is bigger three fourth or eleven twelfth?

elenth twelth