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He has 165 cents.

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Q: What Manuel has some nickels and dimes in his piggy bank 26 coins altogether the number of nickels is 2 fewer than three times the number of dimes how much money does he have in his piggy bank?
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If you have 43 cents and 8 coins what are the coins and the number of coins?

3 dimes, 2 nickels, and 3 pennies

Pat has 3.80 in nickels and dimes if there are 51 coins in all how many of them are nickels?

Pat has 3.80 in nickels and dimes. She has 51 coins in all. Pat has 26 nickels of the 51 coins.

How many nickels in 100 grams?

US nickels weigh 5 gm; current Canadian nickels are 3.95 gm. That means:100 grams of US nickels = 100/5 = 20 coins (exactly)100 grams of Canadian nickels = 100/3.95 = 25.32 coins, or 25 coins rounded to the nearest whole number

How many coins are worth 1.45 if the coins are only in dimes and nickels?

You could have fourteen dimes and one nickel or twenty-seven nickels and one dime or any of the combinations in between. This problem needs to know the number of coins.

If you have the same number of nickels and quarters The total value is 3.30 What is the total number of coins?

20 - 10 of each

Pat has 3.80 in nickels and dimes. If there are 51 coins in all how many of them are nickels?

26 nickels

Eric has 130 coins consisting of nickels and quarters. The coins' combined value is 15.90. How many are nickels and how many are quarters?

47 Quarters 83 Nickels

If you have 80 coins and 12 are nickels how many percent of the coins are nickels?

12 x 100/80 ie 15%

How many nickels in 500g?

US nickels weigh 5.00 gm so there are exactly 100 nickels in a half-kilo. Current Canadian nickels weigh 3.95 gm so there are 127 nickels in a half-kilo, rounded to the nearest whole number of coins.

How many dimes does Joe have if a collection of nickels and dimes that is worth 6.05 If the number of dimes was doubled and the number of nickels was decreased by 10 the value coins would be 9.85?

Ten it each group.

You have 35 coins that total a dollar you have the same number of dimes and nickels what coins do you have?

Since the smallest of these currency values (the nickel) is equal to 5 cents, the number of five cent coins that go into a dollar is equal to 20. It is impossible to have a combination of 35 nickels and dimes whose sum is exactly equal to a dollar.

How many nickels does it take to make a roll of nickels?

A standard US roll of nickels contains 40 coins.

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