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their chances are better because its a car crash

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Q: How much more likely are motorcyclists to die in car crash?
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How much more likely are you to die in motorbike crash then a car crash?

who more likelly to die bike or car crash

Why are you much more likely to crash when riding a bike on a icy day?

Ice is slippery, right?

How much more likely is a car crash to happen on wet roads?

50/50 really if you think about it depends on the driver.

Are you more likely to die in a plain crash or a collapsing bridge?

plane crash only because even a small electronic malfunction can cause a plane to crash a bride is just steel and iron not much can go wrong there

What was true about child laborers?

They were much more likely than adults to be injured.

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What is more probable car or plane crash?

A car crash is much more probable than a plane crash if you take into consideration how many people will travel by car per day compared to the number who will travel by air; take into consideration how many cars with how many drivers are likely to make a mistake compared to the number of planes and flight crews.

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Why do drivers have the responsibility for protecting motorcyclists?

It falls in line with being aware of your surroundings and driving defensively, which all motorists are responsible for, regardless of what they're driving. Emphasis is placed on motorcyclists not for the purpose of applying a different standard, but because they impose a particular risk, both for the motorcyclists and other motorists. They're much smaller than other vehicles on the road, and thus, are not as visible, particularly at night or in times of inclement weather. Thus, motorists need to be particularly aware of motorcyclists for this reason.

What percentage of planes crash?

Only about 0.000001% of planes ever crash. Generally, the drive down to the airport is much more dangerous than flying a plane.

How much more likely are you to get cancer if you smoke?

about 70%

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