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50/50 really if you think about it depends on the driver.

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Q: How much more likely is a car crash to happen on wet roads?
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Are you more likely to die in a car crash or plane crash?

Today as the roads are more crowded it is in a car that is more likely.

What is more likely to happen - a bus crash or a plane crash?

There are many more buses than passenger airplanes, so even though buses can be safer per passenger mile, there are more bus crashes. You WAY more likely to be in a bus crash, then in a plane crash. thousands, and thousands of car/automobile's crash every year. And only about a few hundred plane's crash a year.

How much more likely are you to die in motorbike crash then a car crash?

who more likelly to die bike or car crash

Driver or passenger more likely to die in a crash?


How much more likely are motorcyclists to die in car crash?

their chances are better because its a car crash

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A blackout is more likely to happen when you binge drink.

What will happen if no helmet is worn riding a scooter?

Do you mean by law? Or by accident? Well if it is the later, then if you get in a crash you will more likely have more serious brain damage. You will most likely get in a crash if you ask such stupid question. lol jk. Not sure if the law make you were a helmet on a scooter. I know that on my bike I never were a helmet and have never had a problem.

Do unpaved roads lead to death?

Yes because when your driving down the road more car crashes happen on unpaved roads then on paved roads

Why are places more prone to earthquakes?

It depends what country it is. If the area is near the edge of a tectonic plate then earthquakes are more likely to happen because occasionally the plates crash together, which creates earthquakes! :)

If something is 75 percent more likely to happen how many more times is it likely to happen?

three times.

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More than likely mean it might happen

When talking on cell phone you are how more likeley to get in to a crash?

You are 40 times more likely to have a crash while using a mobile phone - than not using one at all !

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