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Q: How much power is expended if you lift a 10 N rock 8 meters in 1 second?
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What is the power expended when a barbell is lifted 2.2m in 2 seconds?

The power during the lift is (weight of the barbell in Newtons)/4.4 watts.Note:Power is not "expended". Energy is. Power is the rate at which energy is expended.

How much power is needed to lift the 200 newton to a height of 4 meter in 4 second?

200 newton-meters per second = 200 watts.

How much power is needed to lift the 200-n object to a height of 4m in 4 seconds?

Power = (energy) / (time) =(200 newtons x 4 meters) / (4 seconds) =200 newton-meters per second = 200 watts

How much power is used if the 950 N person lifted 3 meters?

To lift a 950-N load 3 meters requires (950 x 3) = 2,850 joules of energy.The power is the rate at which the energy is delivered. It takes more powerto lift the load faster.The power used to lift this load is (2,850 joules) divided by (the number of seconds it takes),and the unit of the answer is watts.

How much power is used to lift a piano weighting 1000 newtons 3 meters in 60 seconds?


How much power is expended if you lift a 100 newton rock 5 meters in 2 seconds?

The work done by applying a force in the same direction of motion is force times distance. So in this case W = F x d = 250 x 15 = 3750 J. Power is work divided by time: P = 3750 J / 10 s = 375 J/s

If 2 horse power is being used to lift 150 kg load what is the greatest speed at which the load can be lifted with his motor?

2 horsepower = roughly 1500 watts = 1500 newton-meters per second.Weight of 150 kg = m g = roughly 1500 newtons1500 newton-meters per second = (1500 newtons) x 1 meter per second

A forklift picks up a crate using 400 N It moves the crate 20 meters in 50 seconds How much power is used?

From the question, it's hard to tell whether the 20 meters is the vertical lift, or a horizontal transfer that occurs after the lift.If the 20 meters is the vertical lift (performed by a very large fork-lift in a shop with a very high ceiling):Energy = work = 400 N times 20 m = 8,000 Newton-meters = 8,000 joules8,000 joules in 50 seconds = 8,000 / 50 = 160 joules per second = 160 watts = about 0.214 horsepower.If the 20 meters is a horizontal ride after the lift is complete, then that part of the move consumes nominally no energy or power. No force is required to move an object perpendicular to the force of gravity. Whatever force is applied initially, to get the crate moving, is returned at the end of the 20 meters, when reverse force must be applied to the crate in order to make it stop moving.

If it took 5 seconds to lift the crate using a machine what was the power rating of the machine?

We have no way of knowing what power the machine was rated for, but with the information given in the question, we can calculate the power it delivered during the crate-lift: It was (1.96) x (mass of the crate in kilograms) x (distance the crate was lifted in meters) watts.

If it takes 3400J to lift a rock onto a ledge what power is required to lift the rock onto the ledge in 4 seconds?

If it takes 3400J to lift a rock onto a ledge, what power is required to lift the rock onto the ledge in 4 seconds Power is energy per unit time. It is measured in watts (joules per second). As such if 3400 joules is transfeered in 4 seconds, the power equals 3400 / 4. The power required is therefore 850 watts.

How many horse power is required to lift a load of 600 pounds 12 feet high in 5 second?

Approx 2.62 hp

How much can a horned dung beetle lift?