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26 cubic meters per hectare

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Since you are only using one inch of water, there is no need to multiply the equation by one. The answer to that equation gives you the volume of water that your garden needs every week, and you can easily convert that number into gallons to give you a liquid measurement. 231 Cubic Inches amounts to 1 gallon of water; all you need to do now is divide the resulting number by this amount.

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Q: How much water is one inch of water?
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How much water in one inch of snow?

snow's half consistence is water and the rest of the half is air . so one inch of snow contains half inch of water.

How much water is there in one sq foot one inch deep?

144 cu. in.

How much water can fit in one cubic inch?

taking the normal density of water as 1g/cc, the amount of water in 1 cubic inch would be 16.387064 grams. Addition about 1 cubic inch.

How much chlorine tablet is needed for 3800 gallons of water?

The standard is four one-inch tablets per 10,000 gallons of water, so 3,800 gallons would be one and a half one-inch chlorinating tablets.

How much water do guppies need?

The general rule of thumb is one gallon of water per inch of fish.

How much water is one inch of rainfall?

26 cubic meters per hectare

How much water goes through a one inch pipe with 60 psi?

A lot

How much water flow through one quarter inch pipe?

None with out pressure

What is 1 psi converted into inches of water?

One psi (pounds per square inch) is 27.7 inches of water. An inch of water is a unit of pressure which will raise water one inch. A cubic inch of water weighs 0.0361 pounds, so one psi is one over 0.0361 or 27.7 inches of water.

What does one inch of water weigh?

The question as posed is unanswerable. In order to compute the weight of an inch of water, one would have to know the volume, or area the one inch covers. (ie., a square foot of water one inch deep would weigh=X)

How much water is one inch of rain over an acre?

1/12th of an acre-foot.

How much 2 inch pipe will hold a gallon of water?

A two inch pipe can hold 0.1632 gallons per foot. It takes slightly over 6 feet of two inch pipe to hold one gallon of water.

How much water is in a square inch?

None. A square inch has no volume.

How much is one square inch of cardboard?

One square inch

How much water does a 1 inch hose output in one minute?

It depends on how fast the water is flowing. There isn't enough information to solve this.

How much water will a 40 inch by 21 inch by 14 inch tank hold?

volume of water =21 X 14 X40 =11760 inch ^3

How much water can flow in a one inch schedule 40 pipe per minute?

That would depend on the pressure.

How much does one cubic inch of gasoline weigh?

About 0.42 ounces. Specific gravity (compared to water) about 0.73

Is 0.02 inch less than one fourth inch?

Yes. One fourth inch is 0.25 inch. That is much larger than 0.02 inch.

How much water will a 48 inch by 27 inch by 19 inch tank hold?

48x27x19=24624 cubic inches of water or 106.6 gallons of water

How much rain falls at the rate of 1 inch per hour?

An inch of rain implies water one inch deep per surface area. An inch of rain equals 5.61 gallons per yard. An inch of rain equals 27,150 gallons per acre.

How much centimeters are in one inch?

1 inch = 2.54cm

How much is a micro inch?

a microinch is one millionth of an inch.

How much empty space in a one square inch diamond?

One square inch

How much is one inch in cm?

One inch = 2.54 centimeters