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20000 - 20000(.10)(5) = $10000 **That is assuming there was no real damage done!

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Q: How much will a car be worth after 5 years if you buy it for 20000 and the value decreases by 10 percent year?
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What is the value of a July 1923 20000 reichsbanknote worth?

20000 reich banknote july 1923

What is the value of 20000 Indonesian rupiah in us?

20000 Indonesian Rupiah is worth 2.12 US dollars.

What is a 1944 Indian rupee worth?

I think it would be 20000 to 30000 indian rupee value

What is the value of 20000 dollars today compared to 1929?

It would be worth $204,500 in today's money.

What is the value of a 1923 Zwanzigtausend 20000 mark?

The value of a 1923 Zwoazigtausend 20000 mark is very low. The condition of the note that measures about the size of a dollar bill depends on the notes condition, as uncirculated money is worth more than circulated money.

Is old Turkish money of any value?

ive got 20000 lira old note is it worth anything

IS there any value to a Reichsbanknote 20000 Zwanzigtausend Mark dated 1 Jul 1923?

Yes its worth 1400$

What is the value of a 1923 German 20000 Mark?

The 1923 Reichsbank 20,000 Mark note in uncirculated condition is worth $2.

You purchased an item worth 20000 yesterday with 2 trade discount. After finding out that an item worth 5000 is defected you returned it today. How much is your payable then?

I meant 2 percent discount

1862 antique lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world religious medal what is the value?

i think its worth about 20000 pound

How many euros in 20000 Australian dollars?

20000 australian is worth how many euro

How much money is a gold bar usually worth?

Gold's worth in monitary value, is dependent upon the stocks of the country that have gold. If companies lose money, gold value decreases, so be a smart invester.

What is the value for a 2008 New Mexico quarter?

It is worth $0.25. Unless it is the 40% percent silver type than it is worth its melt value which is about $1.00.

What would 20000 in 1817 be worth today?

20000 ears of corn from the year 1817 would be worth nothing today as they would have rotted away.

What is joaquin phoenix worth?


What is the worth of BET award?


What is the value of a 1989 Mexican 20000 peso note?

A very good used example would be worth $3.50, rising to $12.50 in mint uncirculated condition.

How much is 1 percent worth?

1% is worth 100th of the original value, e.g. 1% of 250 = 25.

What is the value of a quarter 90 percent silver?

Going by melt value alone, one is currently worth about $6.

How much is a used be be guns worth at the pawn?

20-30 percent of their value

How much is vybz kartel worth?


What is 20000 veinte mil sucres worth?

250 usd

How much is a 20000 Yugoslavian Dinar worth in GBP?

It is worth absolutely nothing

How much is 20000 Turkiye cumhuriyet Merkez Lirasi worth?

20000 turk lirasi in Pakistan

What is a 20000 el banco de Mexico peso worth in the united states?

Depending on the year, it would be of numismatic value only. Currently, there are no 20,000 bills circulating in Mexico.

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