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1 cubic yard/(1/9 of a yard) = 9 square yards.

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Q: How much will a cubic yard cover 4 inches thick?
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How much does 8 cubic feet of muclh cover?

2560 sq feet 2 inches thick

How much ground will 1 yard of gravel cover?

It depends how thick the gravel is being laid - at 4 inches thick, a cubic yard will cover 81 square feet.

How much gravel is needed to cover 1100square feet 2 inches thick?

1 371.42857 US gallons or 5.19142188 cubic meters

How much mulch in cubic yards to cover a 10 ft by 15 ft garden 4 inches thick?

1.85 cubic yards...probably 25 bags or so

How much concrete will it take for a slab 10x16 feet?

If it is 4 inches deep/thick, 2 cubic yards. If it is 6 inches deep/thick, 3 cubic yards.

How much gravel do you need to cover 300 square feet 4 inches thick?

You will need about 3.7 cubic yards (around 4.75 tons) of gravel.

How much concrete is needed for a slab 9 square feet and 4 inches thick?

A 9x9 foot slab 4 inches thick requires a minimum of 1 cubic yard. If you go to 6 inches thick you will need 1.5 cubic yards.

How much rock to cover 1200 sq ft 4 inches thick?

Volume = (1,200 square feet) x (1/3 foot) = 400 cubic feet = 14.81 cubic yards

How much sand is needed to cover 315sq with 2 inches of sand?

630 cubic inches

How much mulch does it take to cover 4310 sg ft 10 inches thick?

4310 sq ft X 10/12 ft = 3592 cubic ft

How much sand is needed for 825 sq ft 2 inches thick?

137.5 cubic feet or 5.09 cubic yards.

How much does a cubic yard of dirt cover?

It depends on sevaral factors. 1. How thick the dirt is 2. How compact the dirt is. Just a rule of thumb. (per cubic yard) 3 inches deep will cover an area 5.5' x 20' 6 inches deep will cover an area 5.5' x 10' 1' deep with cover an area of about 5.5' x 5'

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