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Work is simply a transfer of energy. Calculate the kinetic energy for both speeds, then calculate the difference. The formula for kinetic energy is KE = (1/2)mv2. If the mass is in kilograms, and the velocity (or speed) is in meter/second, the energy is in Joule.

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Q: How much work has to be done on a 5 kg sled to increase its speed from 10 m s to 15 m s?
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How much work must be done on a 5g sled to increase its speed from 10 ms to 15 ms?

537.5 J

How much work must be done on a 5-kg sled to increase its speed from 10 m/s to 15 m/s?

312.5 J

What is the difference between a power sled and a speed sled?

There is a big difference between a power sled and a speed sled. The power speed sled is generally bigger, heavier, can accommodate more weight. It also has handles to assist in resistance training.

What causes the speed of a sled to increase or decrease when going down a hill?

Either the friction or density of the snow.

What benefit would I get from a speed sled?

Speed sleds are used to improve acceleration when running. The speed sled training improves the burst speed of your leg muscles.

What exactly is a speed sled?

A speed sled is a sled that can be attached to several weights. The sled is then harnessed to a runner's body while he runs. It is intended to improve endurance and acceleration for professional runners. It is not used at all in luge or bobsledding.

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Why does my Snowmobile engine low speed cutout troubleshoot?

What type sled?

What surfaces are good for a speed sled?

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How do mushers train there dogs?

They run all year and slowly increase their distance and speed each time they run. ( they are still using a sled to pull the musher)

What changes as a sled goes down a hill in a straight line?

The velocity may increase if the sledge is accelerating. The momentum will increase as it is related to the velocity. The kinetic energy will also increase.