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it would be equel to $10,000

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Q: How much would 1000 in 1880 be equal to today?
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How much would 1000 francs in 1880 be equal to pounds today?


How much would 1000 dollars from 1880 be worth today?

it would have been about 29 dollars

How much would 1000 dollars in 1880 be equal to today?

$22,303.98 in 2010Those ladies in Big whiskey were willing to pay plenty for revenge.----------According to

How much would 1000 pounds Sterling in 1880 be equal to today?

Relative value is difficult to accurately estimate, because it depends on what criteria is used, e.g. the economy, earnings, or prices. However, the relative purchasing power can be calculated using one or more measuring comparisons. For example, using relative pricing, £ 1000 in 1880 had a buying power equivalent to about £ 71,392 in 2007, and about £74,225 in 2008. (see the related links for the calculators used)

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