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The answers is: 15.315 lbs.

Cubic Ft Weight (Lbs)

1ft X 1Ft X .375 in <> .375 CF ---------> ?

1ft X 1Ft X 1Ft <> 1 CF ---------> 490

(490*.375)/1= 15.315lbs.

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Q: How much would a 1 ftx 1 ft x .375 thick piece of plate steel weight if a cubic ft of steel weight is 490lbs?
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What is the weight of a Cubic meter weight of galvanised steel plate?

The density of steel is 7850 KG/M3

What is the weight of a steel plate that is 1half inch thick 20 wide inch and 45 inch long if the steel weight .28 lb per cubic inch?

The volume of the plate is (0.5 x 20 x 45) = 450 cubic inchesThe weight is (450) x (0.28) = 126 pounds

How much silver is in silver plate flatware?

If it is marked "STERLING" OR "925" on the back of it, it means the silver is about 92.5% of the total weight of that piece. Otherwise the piece of silver plate flatware contains very insignificant amount of silver.

What is the weight of a square foot of quarter inch steel plate?

The density of steel varies, but if we assume it's 7.9 grams per cubic centimeter, then the weight of a 12" x 12" x 1/4" chunk can be calculated. There are 36 cubic inches in the chunk of steel (multiply the dimensions together), and there are about 16.387064 cubic centimeters in a cubic inch. That means there are about 573.54724 cubic centimeters in 36 cubic inches. At 7.9 grams per cubic centimeter, there are about 4531.023 grams of steel in 36 cubic inches of this alloy of iron. There are about 4531.023 grams or 4.53 kilograms, or about 9.989 (almost 10) pounds of steel in your twelve by twelve by one quarter piece. The answer in English units is 1 square foot of 1 inch steel weighs 40.8 pounds. take length times width in feet times the thickness in inches times 40.8 to find the weight. In answer to your question the weight would be 10.2 lbs. 1' * 1' *.250*40.8

If the height width thickness of steel plate is 170x60mm 4mm thick then what is weight of steel in kg?

You have 170 x 60 x 4 = 40,800 cubic mm = 40.8 cubic centimeters. Density approx 7.8 grams per cc, so weight = 318.2 grams = 0.3182 kg.

How do you convert dimensions of granite plate into weight?

The average density of granite is 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter (your particular granite may vary slightly, so if you want a high level of accuracy, you should measure it, weight divided by volume equals density). If you have the dimensions of granite plate, you can calculate the volume of that plate; length x width x thickness = volume. And then volume times density is weight.

What is the weight of 4 mm chequered plate?

4mm chequered plate unit weight

How much would aluminum plate 200mm x 337.5mm x 10mm weight?

Because Aluminium has a weight of 2699Kg (Kilograms) per m3 and your piece of aluminum = 0,2*0,3375*0,01m = 0,000675m3 the weight of your part will be 1,821825 Kg

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This weight plate tree has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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What is the unit weight of ms chequered plate?

chequered plate 5 mm thickness weight is 45.4 kg

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