How old are preeteen?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How old are preeteen?
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Where can a preeteen have a birthday party in Staten Island new york?


Is animal jam good for preeteen girls or no?

Yes. It has facts about animals. And is fun! XOXO ~ Coolwolfgirl9 ~

At what age are you a preeteen?

There is no official age, but it is around age 10 to age 14 fool larrys right he know his stuff

Im thirten and need a job for pocket change What can you do?

help old ladies do stuff (they like giving money to children to be generous. babysit (its not all that bad). EBAY!!! ask your mom or dad for an acount. good luck!. im a preeteen and have searched for money makers too.

How many calories are you supposed to have each day for preteens?

It depends on your muscle mass, activity level, and if you are trying to lose/gain/maintain weight. But for a normal preeteen i would say about 2,000

What should you do if a boy touches your vargina?

if you r not married, or engaged! OMG if your a preeteen like 10-18 you should 1. Tell a teacher 2. Tell a trusted adult DO THAT NOW BECAUSE THAT IS NOT OK

What do preteen guys think about?

are minds are complex and revole around freinds and chicks ther it is plain and simple that's actually wrong. I'm a preeteen guy and i think about girls non stop. i wish they'd ask me out. all of my friends agree with me on this. we also think about vidoe games, movies and tv so if you want to talk to a guy talk about that stuff. hope i helped. singed bendre

What are the cutest hair styles for a preeteen with medium brunet hair?

hiya a cute hairstyle would e your fringe in a quif with it straighten and a few randowm curls you could also have it curly with random straight its or even ting raids or random crinkled bit to do crinles you can ether plat it or use crinklers i prefer plates because they wont damge your hair as much and you can make them just the way you want them hope you like my styles love chatterboxrhix

How do you throw a makeout party?

You don'tI'm guessing this being in preeteen relationships question that you have heard wild and crazy rumors. This is wrong, people have a hard time separating kissing from feelings and even harder time not getting hurt by this. These things never work out and i know from experience don't try again when you are older i am 15 and my best friend nearly got rapped at an older version of these things. They don't work so don't hurt yourself and your friends. Go rollerblading or something

What words with old?


What age is old and what age is old old?

old is 50+ and very old (old old) is 80+.

How old can a old person be?

a old person is qualified to be old when there over the age of 60 years old.