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Q: How old would be if you born on 1998 and if month is January?
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If you were born on the 14th day of January 1998 how old would you be?

If you were born January 14, 1998 you would be 12 years old.

How old would you be if you where born in 1998?

You would be 12 years old, but it depends what month you were born.

What year would you be born if you were thirteen?

1997 or 1998, depends what day it is now to the month you were born

How old is a person who was born in 1973?

depends on what month they were born in. if they were born anytime from January to march, then they would be 37. if they were born after, they would be turning 37..

If I was born in May 1998 how old am I?

As of January 2018, you would be 19 years old.

Is garnet jewelry representative of something?

Garnet jewelry is typically associated with the birth month of January. People born in the month of January would refer to Garnet as their birth stone.

What month was Ruth Wakefield born?

she was born in January

What month was mattyb born in?


What happened in January 1998?

I was born!

If your born on January 15 are you a Capricorn?

yes it does if you are born on a different month then you can't be a Capricorn January is the month of Capricorn

What is your age if born in 1998?

It depends on what month you were born. According to today (April 28, 2012), you would be 14 years old.

What month was Zayn Malik born?


What month was Noah Cyrus born?


What month was Jackie Robinson born?


What animal are you if you are born in the month of January?

a horse

What month George Washington was born?


How old are you if you were born January 19 1923 and it is 2011?

You would be celebrating your 88th birthday on the 19th of this month.

When was Brent Rivera born?

Brent Rivera was born on January 9, 1998

When was Cole Custer born?

Cole Custer was born on January 23, 1998

What month did Martin Luther King Jr born?

Alright, I think you are asking what month he was born in; which was January.

If you were born i 1985 how old would you be right now?

Depends on what month you were born in. Since its June right now, if you were born in January you would b 25 but if you were born later like in November you would be 24

What month was zayn malike born?

Zayn Malik was born in January. January 12, 1993 to be exact.

What month did Zayn Malik born?

Zayn Malik was born in the month of January.12 January 1993, to be specific.

If a pit bull was a puppy in 1998 how old would he be now?

He would be around 11 years old depending on what month the dog was born.

When was Antonia Jung born?

Antonia Jung was born in January 1998.