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Patio pavers are very practical and useful tools. They are not very expensive too at all if you need them just for simple usage and not for commercial use. Please find them on the net.

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Q: How practical and expensive are patio pavers?
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How easy is it to work with concrete pavers for a patio?

Our patio needs replacing. How difficult is it to construct a patio ourselves with concrete pavers?

How easy is it to build with brick pavers?

Our patio needs replacing. How difficult is it to construct a patio with brick pavers?

How do I determine how many patio pavers I will need?

The number of pavers you will need will be basd on the size of your patio. You should measure the square feet of your patio.

Patio Pavers?

form_title= Patio Pavers form_header= Keep your patio beautiful with help from experts. What is the square footage of your patio?*= _ [50] How old is your patio?*= _ [50] What color do you want to pave the patio?*= _ [50]



What is the most durable material used in Patio Pavers?

Concrete patio pavers are deemed to be the most durable ones; next to concrete comes Patio Pavers made of brick and stone which definitely add an elegant look to your patio.

Where can I find good looking patio pavers?

I have finished building my house few weeks ago and now I'm looking for patio pavers for my garden.Is there any online store where they sell custom-made patio pavers?

How many patio pavers are needed for a area that is 5'3'' x 15'7''?

Depend on the size of the pavers.

How many 12x12 pavers for a 16x16 patio?


How many 24x24 pavers for a 18x21 patio?


How many 12X16 patio pavers are needed for a 16'X16' patio?

192 should do it.

Should a patio of pavers pitch away from or towards a pool?

Pavers should drain away from your pool.

Where can one purchase concrete pavers?

I would like to build a new patio with concrete pavers. Where can I find them at?

How many 6x6 patio pavers are needed to make a 12x12 stone patio?

576 should do it.

How many 24x24 pavers for a 12'x12' patio?


How many 12x12 pavers do you need for a 6x12 patio?


How many 16x16 inch pavers would you need to cover 8x17 feet patio area?

78.47 Pavers

How difficult would it be to install a paver patio?

We are remodeling our backyard and putting in a patio. How hard is it to install patio pavers without a contractor?

How many 16x16 patio pavers are needed to make a 12 x 24 stone patio?


Where can one find brick pavers in Knoxville?

My patio has been getting very old. Where can I find brick pavers in Knoxville?

How many 15.4 by 21 pavers are need for a ten foot diameter patio?

The answer depends on the measurement units used for the pavers.

How many 12x12 pavers would you need for a 14X14 patio?


How many 6 by 6 pavers for a 12 by 12 patio?


What type of equipment and tools do patio builders need?

Builders use the term patio pavers to several types of patio flooring materials, including natural stone, clay bricks and concrete forms. Read more: Building With Patio Pavers |

How many pavers would you need if the pavers are 16 inches by 16 inche4s and you need to cover a patio area that is 10 feet by 12 feet?

The patio is 10x 12 = 120 sq ft or 17,280 sq in The pavers are 16x16 = 256 sq in So you need 17280/256 = 68 pavers