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Q: How tall is the arch if a boy is 5 feet tall and stands under the Gateway Arch in St Louis and casts a shadow that is 1 foot long and the shadow of the Arch is 126 feet long?
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How tall is a flagpole on ground level that casts a shadow 35 feet long with a man that stands 6 feet tall and he casts a shadow of 8 feet long?

28 feet

A boy 5 ft tall casts a shadow 8 ft longHe stands next to a monument that has a shadow 20 ftHow tall is the monument?


Why does the triangle tower have no shadow?

Everything has a shadow. I think maybe because the shadow is cast upon it's self. Every object that stands in light casts a shadow, unless that object is light (produces light). A light bulb illuminated on a sunny day,has no shadow of the illumined parts. A flashlight in the sun light is a waste, a flame from a lighter on a sunny day is almost invisible. If an object casts no shadow, then, that object is light. I like to describe it as, (concerning people) a humble person casts no shadow.

Which body casts a shadow on the moon during lunar eclipse?

Earth casts the shadow.

Why do you observe solar and lunar eclispes?

Either the Moon casts its shadow on Earth, or the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon.

How tall is a billboard that casts a 45 ft shadow at the same time that a 5.5 woman casta a 10ft shadow?

1. How high is a flagpole that casts a shadow of 45 ft at the same time a woman 5.5 ft tall casts a shadow 10 ft?

If a 4ft post casts a shadow of 7m what height is a tree that casts a shadow of 35m?

(35/7)*4 = 20 Ft.

Can you give a sentence with the word shadow?

A tree casts a large shadow.

What is the height of a telephone pole that casts a shadow of 15 feet if a 6 foot tall man casts a shadow of 3.5 feet?


How is a tree that casts a 28-ft shadow at the same time a 4-ft pole casts a shadow which is 9-ft long?

The height of the tree is in direct proportion to the pole and its shadow

A tree is 18 feet tall and casts a shadow 6 feet long A nearby sign casts a 3 foot shadow What is the height of the sign?

A 1 foot shadow I think.

If a tree 17 feet tall casts a shadow 12 feet long how high is a building that casts a shadow 19 feet long?

To cast a 19 foot shadow the building would have to be 26.91 feet tall. Each foot of building/tree casts 8.47 inches of shadow.