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how to calculate the elbow radius or elbow length

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Q: How to calculate Length of long-radius elbow?
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How do you calculate area in square meter of a duct elbow 45 degree?

To calculate the square meters of a duct you must add the total length of the straight duct work plus the loss of length from the elbows. A standard elbows measurement is 15 feet for each elbow with a 4 inch diameter or 20 feet for an elbow with a 6 inch diameter.

How do you calculate surface area of a duct elbow 90?

A= 2*(w+h)*(l1+l2) W=width H=Height L1, L2 Length of Elbow

How do you calculate 45degree elbow center?


A traditional wand should be what length?

The length of your forearm from inner elbow to wrist.

What happens to the length of the brachioradialis if the elbow joint is passively flexed?

stays the same length

What is the formula to calculate surface area of a 90 degree elbow?

The formula used to calculate the surface of a 90 degree elbow is pi^2 *. This formula is taught in geometry class.

How do you calculate CGof 90 deg elbow?


How do you calculate area square meter of elbow?

9 aboveXP...

How do you calculate the surface area of a pipe elbow?


The distance between your wrist and your elbow is equal to the length of what part of your body?

It is approximately equal the length of your foot, if measured from the crease of your elbow to the crease of the wrist with your arm straight down

How do you calculate the area of HVAC duct offset and elbow?

In order to calculate the area of HVAC duct offset and elbow, one must first measure the distance between the two. Then the elbow must be larger than any cross section to maintain airflow.

How big is the human foot?

The length from your wrist to your inside elbow