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Q: How to calculate the force from a larger to a smaller area?
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How pressure depends on force and area?

Pressure = force/area This means that the larger the force, the larger the pressure. But the smaller the area, the larger the pressure.

Why does smaller area generate increased pressure even with the same sized force?

Pressure is defined as force divided by area. If you divide by a smaller number, you get a larger result. Try it out with some numbers.

If you have a larger piston in hydrolics pushing two smaller pistons does it exert the same force per smaller piston that you push on the larger piston?

it depends on the surface ratio, if both small pistons have the same surface area, then the same amount of force will be applied.

When area reduces pressure increases or decreases?

Pressure is force divided by area, i.e. P = F / A. So the smaller A is, the larger P is. That is, when area reduced pressure increases.

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What is the area you observe larger or smaller when us high power on microscope?

A smaller area, but larger objects is in view with a microscope on high power.

How can you calculate area from force and pressure?

Force (lbs) = Pressure (psi) x Area (in2)Pressure=Force/Area

How does pressure depend on area and force?

Pressure gradiant force is the change of pressure measured across a given distsnce, resulting ina net force moving from high to low pressure and is responsible for the initial movement of air.

If a constant force is spread over an area and that area gets smaller what happens?

If the force remains constant, then the pressure - which is force per unit area - will increase.

The diameter of one circle is 11 feet and fifteeen sixteenth and one circle is 10 foot and three quarters What is the gap and how do you do it?

calculate the area of both circles and then subtract the smaller area from the larger area you have your gap.

How you calculate pressure?

Pressure = Force / Area

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