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9/24 can also be written as 3/8

1/8 = 0.125 so 3/8 = 0.375

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Q: How to change the fraction 9 over 24 percent into a decimal?
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Related questions

How do you change 5 percent into a fraction and a decimal?

5%= 5 over 100 and 0.05

How do you turn an inproper fraction into a decimal and a percent?

To change an inproper fraction to a decimal you divide the denominator by the numeratorand once you do that and you find your decimal you bring it over two times to the right.

How do you turn a percent into decimal?

you take the percent, and make it into a fraction over 100. next you reduce the fraction into a decimal.

What is 40 percent as a fraction and decimal?

0.40 in decimal, 2 over 5in fraction

How do you write 325 percent as a fraction?

move the percent over two places and make it a decimal 3.25. then change that into a fraction 3 25/100 then reduce

How do you change 29.32 percent to a fraction?

Divide by 100 and that decimal would be 29.32 over 100.

How do change a fraction to a percent?

To convert a fraction into percent, divide the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator). eg. 5/8 = 5 ÷ 8 = .625 -or- Change your fraction to a decimal, and then move the decimal point over 2 spots to the right. Example: 1/4=.75=75%To change a fraction into a percent you have to divide the top of the fraction by the bottom, multiply by 100 and then add a % sign.

What is the fraction and decimal for 99 percent?

Fraction: 99 over 100 Decimal: 0.99

What is 90 percent as a fraction in simplest form as a decimal?

0.9 as a decimal and 9 over 10 as a fraction.

How do you get 0.3 to a fraction and percent?

To change 0.3 to a fraction, it is 3/10. All you do is put the 3 over 10. To change 0.3 to a percent, move the decimal two places to the right. It is 30%.

Change 19 over 57 to a percent?

To convert 19/57 to a percent, first it must be converted to a decimal by dividing 19 by 57 which equals .3333. To change a decimal to a percent move the decimal two spaces which is 33.33%. This is also 1/3 when the fraction is simplified.

How do you convert percentages to fractions in simplest form Eg... 7 over 8 percent equals?

change it to a decimal. then change it to a fraction. and then reduce it

How do you change a decimal in to a fraction?

put decimal over 100

What is the decimal and percent of the fraction six over eight?

75 percent and 0.75

1.26 percent in decimal form?

.00126 when changing a percent into a fraction move the decimal over 2 places

Decsribe how you can change a percent to a decimal and to a fraction?

To change to a decimal divide by 100 or move the decimal point 2 spaces to the left. To change to a fraction put the number over 100. Ex: 52%=0.52 52%=52/100=13/25

What is 87 percent in fraction and decimal?

A percent is that number over 100. Thus 87% can be rewritten as the fraction 87/100. If this is worked out as a division, it can be converted to the decimal 0.87.

What is 40 percent in a fraction and decimal?

as a decimal .40 or .4 as a fraction it is 40 over 100 or in lowest terms 2 over 5

What is 15 percent as a fraction and decimal?

15% as a fraction is : 15 over 100 decimal is : 0.15

How do you change the fraction 12 over 5 to decimal form?

Divide 12 by 5 to change the fraction 12 over 5 to decimal form. 12/5 = 2.4.

How you can explain how to change percents into decimals and fractions?

Percents are hundredths. To change a percent to a fraction, put it over 100. To change a percent to a decimal, divide it by 100, which means move the decimal point two places to the left. 3i% = 31/100 = 0.31

What is the decimal and percent for the fraction two over thirty?

6,67% or 0.066666

What is the decimal and percent for the fraction eight over eleven?

.728 and 73%

What is the fraction 1 over 18 as a decimal and percent?

0.0556 or 5.5556%

What is the 40 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

Written as a decimal fraction, 40 percent is equal to 0.4.Written as a vulgar fraction, 40 percent is equal to 4/10, which can be read either as "four over ten" or "four tenths".