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If the time is between midnight and 1 AM, call the hour "00" instead of "12".

If the time is between 1 AM and 1 PM, both systems are exactly the same.

If the time is between 1 PM and midnight, add 12 to the hour.

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Q: How to change time from 12 hour to 24 hour?
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How can you change a Sharp SPC900 Atomic Clock from Military Time to 12 hour format?

Press the down button on the back of the clock to go between 12 hour & 24 hour.

How do you change the time from 24 hour to 12 hour format on the Nintendo Ds?

in the tools section, go to it from the main screen when you turn on your DS.

What is the difference between 12 hour clock time and 24 hour clock time?

A twelve hour clock has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and is the standard form time clock. A 24 hour clock has times starting at 1-12, but after it will start with 13 as 1 p.m. all the way to 24 or 00 as 12 midnight.

What is 1500 hours in 24 hour time?

In 24-hour time, it's "1500 hours". In 12-hour time, it's "3:00 PM".

How do you change a VW Beetle clock time from 24 hr to 12 hr?

When your car is off, press both the hour and minute buttons at the same time. Hold them until the clock switches from 24 hour to 12 hour. By doing this with the engine off, you keep the temperature reading in Fahrenheit.

How do you change the clock in a 2000 beetle from 24 to 12 hours?

With the ignition off, press and hold hour and minute buttons at the same until the time changes to 12 hour format.

How do you change 1PM into 24 hour time?

so bascially u just add 12 to 1 so it is 13:00

Is a analog clock is a 12 hour clock or a 24 hour clock?

12 hour clock but could say the time in a 24 hour clock Analogue describes construction, not hours. It can be either.

How do you change from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock on Audi?

You Might Have To Buy A New One.

How do you write one minute past one in the afternoon?

You can write it 2 ways in 12 hour ime and in 24 hour time 12 hour: 01:01 pm 24 hour: 1301

How do you change the clock in a Mazda tribute from military to standard time?

When you are in the time change function turn the right side knob - says text above it - this allows you to change between 12 and 24 hour modes.

What is A Method Of Changing Between 12 Hour and 24 Hour Time?

If it is 12 hours and has a pm, add 12. If it is 24 hours and you can take 12 away, do and put pm after it. If you cannot, call it am.