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the square root of the sum of the squares of three perpendicular edges.

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Q: How to find the diameter of a cube?
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How do you find the diameter of a sphere from its volume?

the volume is (Pixdiameter^3)/6 which we write as: V=( π •d³)/6 So diameter is the cube root of (6v/Pi)

How do you find the height of the sphere when you know the height of the cube?

if the cube is inside the sphere you needto do some trigonometry and algebra to find out the height or diameter of the sphere. I have never heard someone ask what the height of the sphere is... i didn't think it existed. im pretty sure you need to know the diameter of the sphere. since you didnt give me any numbers to work with this is going to be a confusing explanation. first, the length of the diameter of the sphere is the same length as the length of one corner of the cube to the opposite diagonal corner of the cube. second, you can find this length by applying pythagoreans theorem (a2+b2=c2). third, since you know the height of the cube you need to find the length of the diagonal of one surface of the cube. you can do this by cutting one ofthe surfaces ofthe cubes into a triangle and using the pyth. theorem and solve for the diagonal. remember this number. now take this number and use the pyth. theorem again with the height of the cube and then ythis is the diameter of the sphere.

Torsional rigidity of a solid circular shaft of diameter d is proportional to?

inversly proportioal to cube of diameter

What length of wire of diameter 1mm can be made from a 1cm cube of metal?

Approximately 127 cm length of a wire with a diameter of 1mm can be used to make a 1cm cube of metal.

A sphere of radius r inside a cube touches each one of the six sides of the cube what is the volume of the cube in terms of r?

2r3, because if you have a radius touching all six sides, you could then double this to get the diameter of the sphere, which would be 2r, then this would be, being a cube, the length of every edge of the cube, which we cube or put to the 3rd power, to find volume.

How do you find the side length of a cube with the volume of a cube 2744?

Find the cube root of 2744.

What is the relationship between pump impeller diameter and pump horsepower?

The brake horsepower varies as a cube of the impeller diameter.

If the volume of a sphere decreases by a factor of 27 what happens to its diameter?

The volume of a sphere is 4/3 pi R3, which shows that volume is proportional to the cube of the linear dimension. Alternatively, the linear dimension is proportional to the cube-root of the volume.If volume decreases by a factor of 27, diameter decreases by a factor of (cube-root of 27) = 3. Diameter becomes 1/3rd the original diameter.

How can you find the side of a cube using a cube root?

The cube root is the side of a cube.

What is the diameter of a copper sphere that has the same mass as a 8.00 8.00 8.00 cube of aluminum?

The diameter of the sphere is 19.6 cm.

How do you find the circumferene when you have the radius and diameter?

You multiply the diameter by pi (3.14) and u find the diameter

How do you find the diameter of a cylinder without knowing the radius or diameter?

Take the circumference divided by pi to find the diameter and divide the diameter by two to find the radius.

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