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Q: How to write the number 48 in words?
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How do you write 48 in words?


What is the the prime factorization of the number 48 and write it using exponents?

48 = 24 x 31

Write 48 over 24 as a mixed number?


How do you write forty eight hundredths as a decimal number?

48/100 as a decimal number is 0.48

How do you do write a numeral?

You write the number in words >:D

How do you write 48 plus 35 in words?

Forty-eight plus thirty-five.

How does one write the number 32?

Write out the number 32 as thirty two (in words).

How do you write number 12 in words?

You write it: twelve

How do you write number words?

So for example if you wanted to write 4 in words it would be four.

How do you write 4.8 as a fraction or mixed number?

48/10 4 and 8/10

How do you write out the number 15 in words?


How do you write out the number 12 in words?