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n squared minus six.

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Q: How would say the mathematical expression n to the second power - 6 In words?
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What is a verbal expression?

a mathematical expression written in words

What is the opposite of expression?

Mispronunciation. In mathematical terms, the opposite would be a group of words, since expression can mean a group of mathematical symbols representing a number or quantity.

What is the definition of a verbal expression in math?

a mathematical problem described in words in stead

What mathematical words have i as the second letter?

difference, dividend,divisor,divide, digit

In mathematical terms what does verbal expression mean?

The term "verbal expression" in mathematical terms refers to a math phrase or statement that uses words or letters instead of using numbers. An example of this might be "Three divided by two" instead of "3/2."

How do you write out 7 to the second power in words?

72 is "seven to the second power" or "seven to the power two" or "seven squared", and when it is calculated it is "forty nine".

What is the expression for x equals 3 and y equals 6?

A mathematical expression in its' most simplistic form, merely assigns a value to a variable. Don't confuse an expression with an equation. An equation requires a solution. An expression cannot be "solved". It only allows you to determine the value of a variable. This is the expression in words "x is equal to 3" (X is the variable which is equal to the constant number 3) This is the expression in numbers "x=3" The expression in words "y is equal to 6" (Y is the variable which is equal to the constant number 6) The expression in numbers is "y=6" I hope you understand now.

A mathematical words beginning with J?


Any mathematical B words?


What are mathematical words that start with the letter A?


Words that end with ssion?


A sentence that uses mathematical symbols instead of words?

A mathematical equation uses numbers instead of words. And like a sentence they have proper structure and rules.

Do you Capitalize the words mathematical analysis?

No. It's not necessary.

Whats the difference between an algebraic expression and a verbal expression?

The difference is that an algebraic expression has numbers, symbols and variables, but a verbal expression has only words.

Other words for art?

Self Expression

Simplify this expression 19 8 14?

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of browsers, most mathematical symbols get removed and ni this case has left three numbers separated by spaces which are not an expression to simplify and thus it is impossible to answer Please edit/re submit your question with a full sentence of what you want solved, replacing mathematical symbols by words: plus for + equals for = less than for < etc

What 2 basic purposes do the guarantees of free expression serve?

Guarantees of free speech and press are intended to protect the expression of unpopular views. Second, prohibits the use of obscene words, the printing and ditributing of obscene materials, and false advertising.

Which phrase describes the variable expression z plus 8?

z + 8 Replace words with their mathematical equivalent. Leaves variables and numbers as is. Plus means add, so z plus 8 becomes z + 8.

Words for a synonym of mien?

appearance, expression, manner

What mathematical words start with the letter j please list?


What is the power of a square?

If you're talking about mathematics, then any number that is squared is a number that is multiplied by itself, or in other words, raised to second power. For example: 6 squared is the same as 6 times 6 and the same as 6 to the second power or 6 to the power of 2 (6^2).

How do you get the area when you have the radius?

My math teacher said pir2 in other words pi x radius to the second power.

Define poetry in your own words?

an expression in words it tells something about u or your life

Work or energy required to produce one watt of power in one second?

You have all the right words, but the concept is backwards. Energy is the amount, power is the rate of energy. One watt of power is required to move one joule of energy in one second.

Math words in figers writing paractise?

Before going for mathematical words, I strongly recommend you work on English words. There are no such words as "figers" or "paractise".