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Q: How would the numbers -10 0 and 10 appear on a number line?
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What is a line that shows numbers in order from least to greatest?

That would be a number line.

Can irrational numbers be placed on a number line?

Yes. In fact, a number line would be full of an uncountably many infinite number of discontinuities (holes) without them and hence would not be a line, so in fact irrational numbers MUST be placed on the number line in order for it to exist.

Are all numbers integers?

No. All numbers that appear on any given number line are real numbers. To be an integer, a number must not have any fractions or decimals. An integer could be positive or negative, or 0.

all numbers that can be written on the number line that include rational and irrational numbers?

That would be the real numbers.

Where would -3.5 be on a number line?

A number line has negative numbers to the left of zero, and -3.5 is a distance of 3.5 to the left.

If A and GtB where on the number line will A appear?

It will appear to the right of B.

Numbers found to the right of zero on a number line?

Numbers to the right of zero on a number line are positive numbers; to the left are the negative numbers.

How would you use a number line to put integers in order from greatest to least?

Smaller numbers always go to the left of larger number on the number line.

How do free chat line numbers appear on your phone bill?

Free chat line numbers appear on your phone bill because free chat line numbers refer to free trials. Most likely, you had exceeded the length of the trial and were charged for the amount exceeded.

Where would -20 appear on a number line?

Usually 20 units to the left of the origin (or zero point).

Where would -20 appear in the number line?

To the left of 0, between -21 on its left and -19 on its right.

When would you use a number line in life?

When you are starting to learn about numbers, their addition and subtraction.