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its 2

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Q: How would you convert the decmal number 0.681 into a fraction?
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How do you mulitlpy mixed numbers and fraction?

Convert the mixed number into an improper fraction and then multiply like you normally would. To convert a mixed number into a fraction, take the whole number, multiply it by the denominator and then add the numerator. This value is your new numerator.

If you convert seventy percent into a fraction what would the number be?

yes it would be 7/10=70%

When multiplying a fraction by a whole number how do you rewrite the whole number?

When multiplying a fraction by a whole number you would rewrite it as a mixed number or convert the whole number to that number over one!

How do you add and subtract frations with a whole number with a fraction?

Express the mixed fraction as an improper fraction and then proceed as you would with ordinary fractions. If the answer is an improper fraction, then remember to convert to a mixed fraction.

When you convert an improper number to a mixed number can the fraction be an improper?

No because that would take you back to square one... And the improper fraction or number would have to be taken through the correct process again to figure the mixed number.

How do you convert 120 percent to a fraction?

If you want to turn a percent into a fraction, all you need to do is put that number as a numerator in a fraction over 100. This would convert 120% into 120/100, which reduced would be 6/5.

What is 3545 as a fraction?

In mathematics you can convert any whole number to a fraction by simply placing it over 1. Therefore, 3545 as a fraction would be 3545/1.

How do you convert 5.5 into a fraction?

Anytime there is a number to the left of a decimal, it is a whole number. When the number is to the right of a decimal, it's only part of a whole number, or a fraction. Sowith 5.5, the 5 would be 5 wholes and .5 would be 5/10, which reduces to 1/2. So to convert 5.5 to a fraction, it would be 5 1/2 (five and one half).

How do you multiply a fraction bye a mixed fraction?

You would have to convert the mixed number into a fraction, or you could convert the fraction into a mixed number. The first one is easier in my opinion. For example: 2 3/4 is 11/4. Converting a fraction into a mixed number is just as easy but it is harder to multiply To multiply a mixed fraction by a fraction you will need to multiply the denominator (the bottom number of a fraction) by the whole number then add the numerator (the top number of a fraction) and that will be your new numerator. Then multiply the two fractions (straight across). Finally put you final answer in simplest form if needed.

Convert a regular fraction into a improper fraction?

To convert a proper fraction to an improper fraction you multiply the whole number by the denominator plus the nominator and put your answer in your nominator spot over your same denominator. EXAMPLE:7 and a half converted into a improper fraction would be 15 over 2.

How do you convert 0.6 to a fraction?

The six is in the tenths place, so to convert it to a fraction, it would be 6/10. Then you reduce the fraction if necessary, which in this case would be 3/5.

How do you convert 10 minutes into a fraction?

Any whole number can be expressed as a fraction, if you just put "1" underneath: 10/1. If you mean, fraction of an hour, that would be 10/60.