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Divide both sides of the equation by 15

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How would you get the variable m alone on one side of the equation 15m equals 45?
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How would you get the variable alone in the equation 4y3?

As it appears, there is no equation but an algebraic term.

Which operation would isolate the variable in this equation 51q equals 1020?

divide by 51

Independent variable in y equals 2x-1?


What is z if 6z plus 14 equals 8z?

Z is a constant variable in this equation. A constant variable is a variable, the value of which can never change. In this case, z would be equal to 7.

What Do'es s mean in 7s plus 5 equals 11?

s would be the variable in this equation and after calculating it would be 6/7

Which would be the independent variable and which would be the dependent variable?

A dependent variable is usually on the side of the equation by itself. The independent variable usually has something being done to it. And, the dependent variable is usually written to the left of the equation.

How do you get the variable to stand alone in an equation?

how do you get a variable alone in a question? here is a example=== m-8=24 all you do is switch the question around so it would look like this=== 24+8=m m=32 TEE HEE

What is the slope for the equation y equals -2x plus 5?

The slope would be -2 (moving 2 units down and one across). When you have a linear equation, the slope is always the variable's coefficient.

How do you solve 5t equals 25?

In the equation 5t = 25, t is simply a variable that you are solving for. You can replace "t" with a variable you are more comfortable with, such as "x", leaving you with 5x = 25. The equation means: 5 times what equals 25? To get this, you would divide both sides of the equation by 5, leaving it as (5t)/5 = 25/5. The 5 on in the denominator and numerator on the left side of the equation would cancel out, leaving you with t = 25/5, which you can simplify to t = 5.

Is x squared plus 5y minus x equals 7 a function?

No. It is an equation. A function would link the variable x to another variable - possibly denoted by y. It is a relationship between two (or more) variables.

Do all algebraic expressions have to have variables for example would 3 plus 4 equals 9 be an expression or would it need to be n plus 4 equals 9 to be an expression?

3 + 4 = 9 is not an expression, it is an equation (which happens to be false). An equation without a variable is simply a statement which is either true (a tautology) or false. It's main use is probably at the end of a proof where you may show that the left hand side of some equation is numerically the same as the right hand side which proves your proposition. n + 4 = 9 is also not an expression, but an equation. An equation with a variable can divide the domain into distinct partitions such that the equation is true if the value of the variable is within those partitions and not if they are outside. This may enable you to derive further information about he variable(s).

What do you do when you have a negative variable?

When you have a negative variable in an equation that you are trying to solve for, you multiply each side of the equation by -1. If it is an inequality such as <, you would flip the sign to > and vice versa.

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