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How would you share 108.00 equally among 4 people?

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Share 10.00 equally among 4 people?

Share 10.00 among 4 people

How do you share 2.70 equally among 3 people?

Divide it by 3 and you get 0.9 each

How do you share five pieces of 1 apple equally among three people?

you cut them in five peices

If you Share 56 equally among 7 boys what do you get?

you get 8 of whatever it is

What form of government do the goods and services equally share and political power is distributed among the people?

the awnser of the probelms that u need issocialist

How do you share shares in a new company of 5?

In order to share shares equally within a company, one would need to divide the shares equally among the initial shareholders. If there are 5 people with shares in a new company, each person should have 20% of the initial shares.

If you had 2 pieces of licorice to share equally among 3 people how much licorice would each person get?

They would each get two thirds of a piece.

How do you share 2 apples among 3 people equally?

Cut them into thirds and give everyone two thirds. OR give one person 1 apple then chop the other one in half and share it with your best friend!!

Molecules that share electrons equally are nonpolar?

Share electrons equally are polar covalent

The basic structure of communism is?

People should work and share wealth equally

How do you share 5 apples between 7 people equally?

You make applesauce.

The form of government in which all people share equally in work and profits is called?


If 6 people share 240 equally how much will each person get?

40 each

How could 4 people share 108 dollars equally?

27 dollars each.

How to construct a problem using division?

Anything that involves "sharing equally" for example "how do you share 10 cents equally between 5 people?

An economic system where all business is controlled by people who share equally in the profits is called?


How many 1 dollar bills would 8 people get if they share 682 equally?


What fraction does each person get when they share equally five people share 2 jugs of water?

they each get 2/5ths of the bottle of water

What is correct share among ourselves or share between ourselves?

Share among ourselves

What did people who followed the ideals of socialism in the 1800s believe about wealth?

that all people should share equally in society's wealth

ken bought a bag of 12 dog biscuits he wants to share the biscuits equally among his 3 dogs how many biscuits will each dog get?

Each dog will be getting 4 biscuits as 3x4=12

What are covalent bond considered if the atoms share electons equally?

If the atoms in a covalent bond share electrons equally, the bond is nonpolar.

What are the disadvantages of communal life for the pacific people?

Resource are share among people in the society.

Only two identical atoms can share electrons unequally or equally?


What is 10.00 shared among 4 people?

The share is 2.5 each