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Q: How would you solve this equation 2 plus 2 divided by x divided by 2 plus 2 divided by x squared?
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What would you do if the equation had x squared or x cubed in the polynomial equation?

It depends on what you wanted to do - graph it, solve it, factorise it, etc.

How would you solve d theta divided by 4.28?

d theta divided by 4.28 is not an equation or inequality: it is an expression. An expression cannot be solved.

What is 2x divided by x squared?

You should square root both the top and bottom of the equation, which would give you (√2x)/x.

What is 1.4 trillion divided by 305 million .. Money America owes China.. divided by ..Population of America.. O and what would America be like if we solve this equation?

1.04 trillion / 305 million = 3442.62Easy to solve the equation but I don't think it made the slightest difference to what America is like.

How do you solve this z squared minus 12 plus 36?

z2 - 12 + 36 is the same as z2 + 24. That's a simplification, but not a solution. There's nothing to solve, because the question doesn't give an equation. If z2+24 were equal to something, then we'd have an equation, and we would be thrilled to solve it for the value of 'z'.

How would you solve 2x minus 5 squared?

if you want to "solve" this equation, you need an equals sign somehwere! For example, if the problem was 2x - 52=5 then you could solve. You add 52 (or 25) to both sides so the equation becomes 2x = 30. Then you divide both sides by 2 to get x=15

How would you solve a divided by a-4 plus 3 divided by 4-a?

You cannot solve an expression. And what is given in the question is not an equation since there is no equality, nor two expressions on either side of the equality. For example x-3 is an expression and cannot be solved. x-3 = 2-3x is an equation and can be solved.

What are units squared divided by units?

Imagine 4squared (16) divided by 4 (4). Therefore units squared divided by units would be units.

If X divided by y equals 420 what is x and y?

You would need one more equation relation x and y to solve for both of them.

What is the mass of a car that is traveling at a velocity of 60 meters per second north. The car has 5040000 joules of kinetic energy?

* Write the formula for the kinetic energy of an object (KE = 1/2 x mass x speed squared)* Replace the numbers you know. In this case, it would be the kinetic energy, and the speed. * Solve this equation for the remaining variable; in this case, the mass.

A equation which contains a squared variable?

Squared means to the power 2. An wxample would be x2 = 25.

How do you solve a squared b squared equals 1024?

Please note that in general, if you have ONE equation with TWO or more variables, there is not a unique solution. You can assign an arbitrary value for "a", replace it, then calculate what would be the corresponding value of "b". Or, probably even better, you can solve for "b" in terms of "a". Then you can assign any value to "a", and calculate the corresponding value for "b". To actually solve for "b", first solve for b2 in the usual way, that is, manipulate the equation until b2 is on the left, everything else on the right. Then take the square root on each side.