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m = 2 because the 63 element cancels each other out

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Q: How would you use mental math to find m in the equation 63 multiplied by m divided by 63 equals 2?
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What is your mental age divided by chronological age and multiplied by 100?

It depends on how your chronological age is measured and scored. Often that is described as your intelligence quotient (or IQ).

How would you use mental math to find m in the equation 63 times m divided by 63 equals 2?

-- I would mentally notice the words "63 ... divided by 63", whereupon my steel-trapmind would alert me instantly to the fact that these words are equivalent to ' 1 '.-- Then, I would mentally look at the other stuff in the equation, and I would see " m = 2 "in my mind's eye. At that point, I would be well on my way to the solution.

How is your IQ score obtained?

your mental age (the age group that's average score is closest to yours in an IQ test) divided by you physical age multiplied by 100

What is the answer to 9x two thirds?

Your computer has a calculator on it if you are incapable of the mental arithmetic. 2/3 multiplied by 9 2 x 9 =18 18/3 18 divided by 3 = 6 The answer is 6.

What are different IQ tests?

A 6-year-old able to do only what a 3-year-old can do has a Mental Quotient of .5 or ½ (3 divided by 6). Lewis Terman later multiplied the Mental Quotient by 100 to remove the fraction and the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was born! Mental Age/Chronological Age X 100 = Intelligence Quotient The 6-year-old with the Mental Quotient of ½ has an IQ of 50. The majority of people have an IQ between 85 and 115

How do you use mental math to solve 80 divided by 40?

80 divided by 40 is the same as 8 divided by 4, which is two.

What does an IQ score equal?

IQ is defined as the fraction: Mental age/Natural age, multiplied by 100.

How can mental math be used to solve an equation?

Mental math is basically math in your head so for example 40x2=80 so I did that in my head

How are intelligence test measured?

Your IQ is calculated by dividing your mental age over your chronological age multiplied by 100.You mental age is simply how you behave or your personality and your chronological age is how old you are at the moment.

What is 2621 divided by 4?


What is finding all solutions of the equation by using mental math or the properties of equality called?

you answer it!

How you can use mental math to find the value of n in the equation?

The answer depends on the equation. Very few people, if any, can use mental maths to find the value of n in logpi/7(3e) = 95.3. I would not even try!

38 plus x equals 100 using mental math?


Average IQ for a 13 year old girl?

ideally, an average IQ should be 100 world wide. Your IQ is your mental age (the average age of someone who possesses your intellect) divided by your physical age (your actual age in years) multiplied by 100. Now if you are 13 and you have the intelligence of an average 13 year old, then the maths is 100(13/13) Which is 13 (mental age) divided by 13 (physical age) multiplied by 100. if your mental age and physical age are the same then your IQ will be 100 because a number divided by the exact same number is equal to 1 (except 0) and 1 x 100 is equal to 100. If your physical age is higher than your mental age then the number you will multiply by 100 will be less that 1. for example if a 13 year old had a mental age of 10 then their IQ would be 10/13 x100. Now a mental age is the average age associated with a score on an IQ test. If she had the score of an average 10 year old, her mental age would be 10. When i was 10 i was said to have an IQ of 160. This is because my test score was that of a 16 year old. 16/10 x 100 is 160. Age does not determine your IQ. Your intellect at a certain age compared to the intellect of others who are the same age determines it. our IQ can change. If you were to get a score when you were 10 then you were to get the same score when you were 11, your IQ would have been higher when you were 10. The more your mental age is larger than your physical age, the smarter you are. The smaller your mental age is than your physical age. The stupider you are. A baby can have a higher IQ than an adult. But the adult can still know 10000 times more than the baby. I hope this explains how the IQ system works.

Should America substantially increase public health services for mental health care in the US?

Yes, increase in mental health care equals to increase in health for all people.

What Is b plus 11 equals 19 Using Mental Math?

The value of b must be 8

What is 8.6 plus 7.54 plus 9.38 equals?

This is a simple problem in mental arithmetic, the answer being 25.52

What are the combinations of health?

Heath can be divided into mental health, physical health, and health of the various systems of the body. One can have poor mental and physical health or any other combination of health problems.

What is 445254 divided by 2?


How do you use mental math 181-16 equals?


Is an IQ of 106 good for a 15 year old girl?

IQ (intelligence quotient) is defined as mental age divided by actual age multiplied by 100. Therefor, an IQ of 100 indicates that you're intelligence roughly matches what is considered average for your age. IQ rarely changes much with age. Therefor, on IQ of 106 means that for your entire life, your intelligence (as ranked by an IQ test) will be at or slightly above average.

How do you become an idiot?

"Idiot" is a classification of mental age and intelligence, it is the way you are born. A person with a mental age of less than 3 years is said to be an idiot. Additionally, a person whose mental age divided by their calender age is less than 30, is said to have the IQ of an idiot.

What is the answer too 8x equals 4x plus 8?

Simple mental arithmetic... x=2. It's up to you to work out how that figure is reached.

How would you use mental math to find 3 10 of 30?

One tenth of thirty is 3. Three of those equals 9.

What if you have the IQ of 1?

IQ is traditionally the ratio of mental age to physical age multiplied by 100. At the extremes, it's largely meaningless - an IQ of 1 would mean a 100 year old person with a mental age of 1. The average IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is between 90 - 110. So for one to have an IQ of 1 would be highly improbable.