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0.1 is equivalent to 1/10 as a fraction.

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Q: How would you write 0.1 in a fraction?
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What is 01 in fraction form?

Well, it depends. If the problem was 0.01, then it would be 1/100 But, if it was the whole number 01, then it would not really be a fraction, unless you wanted to write it as 1/1

How would you write 0.58 as a fraction?

how would you write 0.58 as a fraction ----------------------------------------------------------- Easy 58/100

What is 01 as a fraction?

01 as fraction is ur mundu!

How would you write 0.003 as a fraction?

0.003 as a fraction is 3/1000

How would you write 0.103 in a fraction?

It is: 0.103 = 103/1000 as a fraction

What is the fraction 0.112?

the fraction 0.112 can be written as 112/1000 or 14/125, to write it in its simplfied fraction from you would write 14/125

What is the fraction for 01?

Well, I'm going to assume that you meant .01, which would be 1/100.

How do you write a fraction greater than 1?

I would write it as decimal fraction or an improper fraction. For example, three and a quarter = 3.25 or 31/4.

How would you write 73 percent as a fraction?

73% as a fraction is: 73/100

How would you write 0.77 as a fraction?

77/100 is the lowest you can go with that fraction.

How would you write 50 percent as a fraction?

It is: 50% = 1/2 as a fraction

How do you write 01 in fractional notation?

To put this in fraction form you just put it over 1 the 0 in front does not matter so it would be 1/1 =1

How would you write 20 percent as a fraction?

I would simplify it after I write it,and I would wind up with 1/5 .

Write the decimal fraction for 3.588?

The decimal fraction for 3.588 would be 3.588/1000

How would you write 51.5 as a fraction?

As an improper fraction in its simplest form it is: 103/2

What is 6375 in fraction form?

6375 is an Integer, so it is not a fraction. If you MUST write it as a fraction, it would be 6375/1.

How do you write a percent as mixed fraction?

what i would really like to know is why when i write how do write a PERCENT as a MIXED FRACTION this stupid site decides i want to know how you convert a MIXED FRACTION into a PERCENTAGE! :P

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